Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{Too much}

I got my dad moved back in his place yesterday, he was ready to go back home, he is doing good and getting strong for his open heart surgery, it will be tough all over again, but it's what is best and that's what we want. Let me tell you what all has gone on in the last 2 weeks: dad had his heart attack, mamaw went back in hospital and was quaintinted for a highly contagious intestinal problem, but is getting better and will be home in a few days, on Sat. took dad to clinic because of an ear infection, woke up Mon. morning to a house that looked like a war zone, my dog and dad's dog got in the trash and helped themselves to the chicken bones from our KFC lunch, dogs+chicken bones=vomit & diareah w/blood, this is not for the faint of heart, just keepin it real! there were probably 15 spots through the house, it was HORRIBLE, those poor stupid dogs, Kirby had done the vomiting because he was still gagging when we found him and KC had the other lovely problem and it was bad, dad scoops KC up in a towel and is checking her out, Kirby is moping around all pitiful looking, Jim gets the steam cleaner out, keep in mind it's 7:00 in the morning, the kids are freaking out, we're scared for the dogs, Jim was getting the mess cleaned up, I call my sis to get over here after she took her kids to school so that we could take dogs to vet, so I get my kids to school, Terri gets here, we ended up just taking KC because she was by far the sickest, Kirb was functioning okay just felt bad. We pile in Terri's van, I have KC wrapped in a towel, she is whining trying to get in T lap, and we get to vet, get her in and they immediately take her back and let us know they will run test and call us with the results. Whew, I am feeling out of breath just typing this story, anywho, I get back home and give Kirb some white rice mixed with his food, this is to fill his stomach so that it could cushion his insides in case they are injured from the chicken bones, he ate it and slept most of the day like a big ol' fat hungover dog, we kidded that the dogs had their own Super Bowl party when we went to bed! ha! KC had indeed scratched her intestines up and was still bleeding, poor little thing, she is a mini dachsund, but she did not need surgery just some meds. she stayed 2 night for observation and was picked up today and is back at home with dad and of course on several meds. What a story huh? can any of you top my story? let me know!!!