Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I love the week ofThanksgiving, there has always been a "feeling" that I just love. I love shopping for my baking and cooking things, gearing up for casseroles & pies, 2 of my favorite things to make at Thanksgiving. I am thinking of making a thankful tree with the kids, I always want them to be sure they recognize this day as being with family and just enjoying each other without the expectations of gifts, I want them to be thankful for everything they have and all those they love. I can't wait for Thurs. morning, I always get up before everyone, while drinking my coffee I start cooking whatever I am taking to lunch, and then turn the parades on, I have never not watched the parades, EVER! then everyone else gets up and we all watch the parades! love it, love it!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Love, Stacy

Monday, November 24, 2008

Things I am loving these days...

{ The anticipation of the holidays }

{ The smell of pumpkin & hazelnut candles }

{ Looking through my recipe books for holiday recipes }

{ Always, my family }

{ Taking pictures }

{ Blogging }

{ Making homemade pizzas }

{ The crisp weather }

{ Looking through the toy catalogs at what my kiddos have circled }

I love making these lists...

Friday, November 21, 2008


it is cold out this morning, but I like it!!! I am ready for Thanksgiving break, the kids are out of school all next week, yikes, what are we gonna do?? I have my recipes all mapped out and already have some of the ingredients for them, so I feel organized on that. I am contemplating Black Friday shopping, I love it but... if they don't have anything I need on sale, why go?? we'll see. I am cleaning house this morning, doing some of the heavy duty stuff, feels good to get it done though, yesterday I went and had Thanksgiving lunch with Hannah at school and then I read her class a cute little Thanksgiving book, she loves it when I do that, she was sitting right in front of me when I was reading and every now and then she would hold on to my leg and smile at me, oh, make a mamas heart sing!!! I have a recipe for you today, it's especially good for the cool weather and for the holidays with everyone being so busy but still needing something good and hearty to eat...

Texas Baked Potato

bake large potatoes
top with chopped beef, baked beans,
sauted onions
grated cheese
and a dollop of sour cream
sprinkle with pepper
Soooo easy!!! and yummy

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello out there! not a whole lot going on here lately, today Hannah is home with me, stomach bug, it started around 12:30 this morning and she ended up campin out on our floor for the night on her sleeping bag, Jim and I were cleaning up, if you get my drift... she decided to leave a trail from her room to ours and well, I'm just keepin it real! so I have lots of laundry to do!
Saturday Hannah had her fall fest at school, so we did that, and I entered the pie baking contest, but didn't place, but hey it was fun :) Cameron spent Fri. night with a friend and was tired all Sat. because they didn't go to bed until realllly late. Went to church yesterday and then went to Chili's for lunch, hung out the rest of the day, Jim and Cameron straightened up the garage, read the paper and watched some football, yeah Cowboys! you did it! FINALLY!! Well I need to get, the dryer went off and I need to make a switch! Have a good Monday! S

Monday, November 10, 2008

From the heart...

almost 4 years ago we left the church we had been at for about 5 years because the pastor was resigning to start another church, so we along with about 15 other families left with him...we had no hard feelings about this church but felt lead to start anew. Last October we left that church because we felt we were no longer where we needed to be so we have been visiting other churches, but still didn't have the feeling we were looking for. Well, after much thought and prayer we went back to visit the church we started at, after walking in and looking around and seeing many many familiar faces getting numerous hugs from everyone, and no one once mentioned why we left or why we were back, they were just glad to see us! we then sang "Your all I want, your all I've ever needed" and I was just touched beyond words, it felt good, it felt right, Jim said it feels good to be here again. The kids went to children's church and really enjoyed themselves, we're going to stick with it, it's where we started, it's where we want to be...

Friday, November 7, 2008


I wanted to share this cute little diddy I did for the kids classmates on Halloween. I made rice crispy treats and added some candy corn and mini choc. chips, I used some clear treat bags and some with spiderwebs, for the circles I used my large round scrapbooking circle cutter, and with my rubber stamps I put a spider on the spiderweb bag and a pumpkin on the clear, put the treat in, fold, and attach the circle with glue, and wala! a cute treat, and I got many compliments from other parents and teachers!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know, I know...

long time no blog, but I'm back. Okay here is Halloween! we had such a fun night, my Southern Belle & "Jason" went to a Halloween party at their friends house, they had a bounce house, haunted house, food, drinks, it was a combined kid/adult party. Then we all headed out for trick or treating around their neighborhood, there were about 50 of us and we had a great time, then we came back to our area and went a few streets, the kids got too much candy, but we had a great night!