Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow, I can't believe it's already Friday, the kids have been in school a week and it's already a 3 day holiday! and I've been alone, no kids the whole week too, if some don't know I am not keeping kids right now, one child moved and the other went to pre-school so here I am kinda in between at the moment. It has been weird, but nice, and still busy, I have been doing some extra cleaning since the house is on the market and all, so this morning after I got home from taking the kids to school I was feeling really tired, my feet were really tingling (MS) so I get back in the bed, turn fan on, get under the covers and slept for 2 hours!!!! that is big for me, I never "allow" myself to chill out as much as I should, but this morning I did, and I liked it :)
so here I am chatting with you, but... I must admit I am still tired and I don't feel all that great, maybe I do need some more rest, MS is like that it can really wear you out at times, especially with it being sooo dang hot out, so I am going to just take it easy and see how I do. Okay, so now I am going to watch The Young and the Restless" yes mam, I love my soaps!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Boy and His Dog...

they tease and wrestle
they cuddle
and the dog, well, he's tuckered out!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School!!

Well the kiddos are at school, everyone got up in good spirits and had a good breakfast, got dressed, had a photo shoot and off to school we went!!

Going to 5th grade!

Going to 1st grade!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I really must share this hodge podge recipe that my husband put together last night for dinner, and it was sooooo yummy!

We had a rotiserre? chicken cut up, some fresh cilantro, onion, grated cheese, hot sauce, corn tortillas, refried beans & sour cream. Basically you just put some beans in center of tortilla, and top with any of the toppings listed above, so easy, we all loved it, had no leftovers. Thanks honey for another good meal idea, I love it when he's charge in the kitchen!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


we needed it really bad, so it came and isn't leaving for awhile! so our last week of summer vacation has been kinda lousy, the kids had plans to swim with friends but doesn't look like that will happen. We're ready for school, all the supplies are bought and we're ready for meet the teacher night which is tomorrow night for Hannah and Fri. for Cameron, the kids aren't complaining about going back because they want to see their friends, but Cameron is dreading the homework of a 5th grader!! uh oh! it's gonna get harder... anyway, the house has been showing but no bites yet, it's only been 2 weeks so we're not worried! Take note of my new picture of the kiddies loading the school bus on the right, I love that picture and the saying, it's one of my fav movie quotes ever!! Well, as I am looking out my window & Cameron and a friend are putting his ramp out so they can jump it with the bike, scooter, or skateboard, you never know what they'll use, at least it's not raining, but it will start back later so they are getting some playing time in, Hannah is at gym. and she'll be home in a few minutes, I carpool with another mom, and when Jim gets home I need to head to the grocery store, we're becoming the house of nothing! I found this on another blog and I really liked it! Have a good evening! S

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We have our own Olympic Gymnast in the house!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi there! been MIA for a couple of days, been busy, between showings on our house and looking at new ones, trying to stay cool, keeping my kids busy and all that I just haven't had any time to blog! This morning we went to Kids Castle to play, then went to Walmart, and drove thru Wendy's to get lunch, and this afternoon we've just been hanging out. I have to admit I have not had my mind on the kids going back to school, I am really going to miss them when they do but I think they are getting bored, but won't admit it! next week is meet the teacher and they start on the 25th, we have bought a few new school clothes, it's still so hot here that they wear summer stuff into October, so they are okay on clothes, we got Hannah's first day outfit all picked out, and Cameron is easy shorts/t-shirt and he's happy! we still haven't got supplies but that is something I'll do alone this weekend, at night when the aisles are not crowded, I can't handle being all crowded on the school supplies aisle, what a beating!! anyway, it's obvious I get in the school mode because it's coming! I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from our fun morning!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our weekend...

got a call from the realtor on Fri. they are showing the house on Sat. (yikes)

hurry, hurry, do some last minute touch-ups

while our house is being shown we go look at some houses

go to Wal-mart to get a few things

hung out on Saturday night

get e-mail letting us know how the showing went- they loved the house, want to talk about next step- oh no, this is happening much too quickly!!!!

went to church Sun. morning, after church my sis/bro in-law came out to go look at a few houses with us, had lunch, then my dad was passing thru town on his way back from Austin and he visited with us awhile, read the paper, panicked about how crazy things could get for us in the next few weeks!!! but also excited about the changes in store for us!

this morning I have been gathering some papers for the mortgage company and getting ready for my BUSY day!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Oh, that's me, and I hate it, I am so unsettled right now, on one hand it's exciting to buy a new house, we're finishing up this weekend on getting our house ready for showings, and I have paperwork I have to gather for the mortgage company, all the necessary things for buying a home. Okay, I'm done, I just have to deal with everything one step at a time. Anyway, took the kids to see Nim's Island last night, mmmm... they liked it, it got on my nerves though, too much stuff going on, Hannah is across the street playing with a friend, Cameron is in his room and the kiddos are napping and I am complaining to you guys, oh, and I have some heartburn going on, I do this when I am stressed, oh, and... I pee alot too when I am nervous, don't you wish you could hang with me today, what a ball of fun I am. I need to put some clothes away and fold some towels, and pop a few antacids while I'm at it! you guys have a good weekend for me okay, think about me while I am painting baseboards and all that... S

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For sale sigs & scooters...

yes, it's official, the for sale sign went in the yard last night!! kinda surreal, the minute the realtor was gone Jim was busting to take a picture of it, so funny! I am too lazy to download it now but I will later on, I know you've NEVER seen a for sale sign in someone's yard, hehe! we are excited about our new ventures, but is also felt sad because we have lived in this house since Oct. 1997, this is the only home our kids have known, and we adore all our neighbors, it will be tough leaving, but... we'll only be within a 2-4 mile radius, so that's not bad. Anyway, after all the sign excitement it was getting dark and a bit cooler, I mean 95 is so refreshing compared to a whopping 102-103 to where you actually feel as though you could catch on fire, Hannah wanted to walk around the block, so I needed some fresh air after all the paper signing and being in the house all day that I was open to a nightime stroll, so Cameron, Hannah & their friend Cassie all get on their scooters and off we go, they were buzzing in and out of driveways, riding like crazy, and I just had to laugh, I love watching them in their element, enjoying themselves, being kids, it truly makes my heart full. This morning we are going to storytime at our little town libary they like to do that, and they get to do a craft so that will be a fun outing, and then Hannah had gym. this evening, so that's what is going on around here today, what are you guys up too??? Have a fabulous day! S

Monday, August 4, 2008


thank goodness it's Monday, cause I am one sore lady! we painted ALL stinkin weekend! but... the results are so good, and even though I am sore and wore out, it was a good workout! so now that means I don't have to go to the gym this week, right?? come on, help me out here! the kids even helped out here and there, Hannah just got to pick up and do a little lite cleaning, but Cameron he got to paint and he loves to paint!! we are getting closer to having the house ready, all we keep saying is "keep your eye on the prize"! Anyway, that's what our weekend consisted of, so now I am just making more list of what needs to be done next and checking off what was done already. Our yard was looking kinda jungly so it's being done right now, we don't have time for yard work these days, hehe! well, I guess that's it, oh and I'm kinda ticked right now, I bought some new Italian Sweet Cream creamer yesterday, and it is not good, I mean when I opened it and smelled it there was no smell and usually it would smell so good and sweet, so I thought maybe it would taste good, but no such luck, what a waste of a $1.79 plus a coupon! okay I need to go and do soooo many things, trust me I will not say the word "bored" for awhile!