Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{ I Dream }

Of having a GARDENAnd growing lots of these...yummi tomatoes!!! amongst other things...
And then I want to do this with alot of the fruits of my labors...
And then stare at my pretty flowers!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I hope everyone is having a good Saturday, I am having a very uneventful day, which is by choice, this has been a busy week with VBS, my MS has been acting up and I needed today to just be at home, Jim is working all day, the kids have been playing and doing their thing, we have cleaned house today and it feels so good to have that done!! I even lit candles to cozy it up, I have been reading my book, drinking ice tea with lemon! and this evening we are doing nothing also, Jim will be ready to chill out and I am sure he and the kids will play some video games and we'll just hang together, I just love my family and am so thankful for them!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

{VBS, Hot & Cameron}

We've been having VBS at our church this week, I teach the pre-k and they are kicking my tail, all 17 of 'em! But we are having a fun week, my kiddos are enjoying themselves also, tomorrow is our last day and I think we're ready for our lazy summer routine to begin again, you know sleeping Hannah does not wake up very good at all, Cameron does fine though, I wanted to post this cute picture of him I took a couple of weeks ago, he decided to take an old truck apart and re-do it, and he is painting it here, I think he looks cute in his jammies all settled in to paint, he would so kill me if he knew I was talking like this about him "I am not a baby mom" haha!
It's hot here, I mean reeeealy hot, I know I talk about the heat alot but I can't seem to get away from it, even the house doesn't cool like we want it to, or the cars. It finally took me down yesterday, I felt bad the minute I hit the floor and suffered all day, aches, pains, my multiple sclerosis is a pain in the butt sometimes and yesterday was one of them, after we got home from VBS I just layed around all day, took my pain pills, and took it easy, I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open. But today has been much better, I knew it would, I prayed it would anyway. I am making fish tacos for dinner tonight, I think they will be really good, I hope they are, I am using tilapia so we'll see, I hope it's a keeper...

Monday, June 21, 2010

{Father's Day}

We had a fun Father's Day yesterday, and a busy one. This is me and my sister with our wonderful dad, we were laughing so hard during this picture, I look like a goof ball with my crazy smile and shiny face, I had been sweating and we were joking that my armpits were touching my dad's arm, we're a crazy bunch, but... we have a blast together and I love them sooo much!!

We started the day at church, then my dad came over for lunch and I fixed beef tips with rice and wedge salad and it was so good, then around 3 everyone else came over and we had desserts, I made a german choc. cake and my sister made a banana pudding, the daddies opened gifts and all. Then we had our VBS parade, so Jim went and got his trailer and met us at the church and we decorated it, and paraded through the Village, then came back and had a BBQ dinner at the church, a day of great food it was!!! This morning we started VBS and I am teaching Pre-K with my sister, then we came home had lunch and went swimming in a pool that was soo warm there was nothing refreshing about it, this heat is killing me, I truly put my face in the freezer every now and then, seriously!! I do not enjoy this weather at all, I know so many of you love summer, but when it's this hot I just can't hang. Anywho, I am tired about now and am going to relax the rest of the evening, and get ready for another fun day at bible school in the morning!!!

This is a snack gift basket that I made my step dad, he loves his snacks, and I had fun putting it together, I had to show it off, I thing it's cute!!! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

I took Cameron and his buddy to the sportsplex at noon to hang out, Hannah and I set out to run some errands, we made a run through Sonic, a cherry limeade for me and a Reeses's blast for her, yeah that was her lunch, she had a late breakfast, don't judge me!! haha

So we went to Wal-Mart and got a few things for our Father's Day fest, and as we're pulling out of the parking lot she started planning her Halloween costume for this year, yeah, we're dripping with sweat, anywho, she informs me that I "never let her be anything scary" I mean she's really ticked about it, where did this come from??? so, she wants to be a vampire girl, that looks dead, she wants a white face with 2 drops of blood dripping from the corners of her mouth, seriously she made me look in the rear view mirror so she could deomonstrate, so I did and agreed we could do something like that, and she was happy. You never know where her mind is, always 10 steps ahead of me.

Next we go to Albertsons for some really good deals and she cops an attitude with me throughout the store because she wanted a bunch of stuff on the water toy aisle, I told her we don't buy that kinda stuff here, we do the Dollar Store, didn't set well, then she finds a rope of gummy candy and as I rejected her request she sat on a display and refused to move, as she did at the meat area also, nothing like pouting by the ground beef. She eventually straightened up and was just fine.

Then as I am sitting at the bank Cameron calls and says they are ready to be picked up, huh??? but you haven't been there that long, "we're bored" Oh lordy, really, bored already, ungrateful little punks, so I go get them and then they rode bikes and his friends mom just picked him up and Cameron is playing somewhere else, whew, I am TIRED just talking about it!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{Goings on]

This seems to be the new thing for Hannah this week, one of her little friends turned her on to it and she loves it! little did I know that unlike Webkinz, which is free, this doesn't give you as many perks, you can't do a room, buy things, sooooo, I caved and signed her up for a membership which is only 5.95 a month, when she gets to hot playing outside this offers some fun time for her!
Mr. Cameron got a new pellet gun yesterday, the money he made watching the neighbors dog provided him this gun, so he is happy, I am not nervous because his daddy teaches him the correct way to handle it, Jim is really good about these things.
We got our Father's Day shopping done today, I refuse to shop the Sat. before, what a hassle, and you know I don't like all that rushing around in this heat, so that is done and we are happy with our choices, we should have some happy daddies!!! Tonight the kids have chosen to go to On the Border for dinner, we don't eat out much at all, but when we do they get so excited, and I have a coupon for free queso, so that's an extra bonus!!! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


*it's a lay around day for me
*i am doing things, but am not leaving the house
because if i did i would have to take my night pants off and get dressed
and i don't want to do that, no mam
*i am working on a craft
*i made some veggie soup
*thinking about making some blueberry snack cake
*it's also loud with the sound of video games
that's okay i love my kiddos, and with all the drama lately i am glad they are here with me
*i called jim and told him i wasn't cooking dinner and he said "that's fine, i had subwway at lunch and am still full, plus i have to work late" whew, that was easy
*i heart these days...

Monday, June 14, 2010


I really love this verse and often forget about it, I used to have it posted on my bathroom mirror and my frig. and when I found this I knew I had to post it. As I said yesterday my heart has been heavy with the flooding and deaths in Ark. and seeing pictures of the people who died, esp. the kids just makes me ill and that's all I can say about that. I learned in a bible study a few years back about praying and the thing that really stood out in my mind is when you start to pray don't start off my asking for things, start off with thanking him for what he has done and not for what you want him to do, I tell you, I do that, I always remember that, it's so easy to ask for things without having gratitude first. Have a good day my friends.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just feel so sad for the people involved in the floods in Ark. on Thursday night, the campground that took 17 lives is about 80 miles from here, and alot of people that died were from here, I just found out about a little 7 year old girl from here died in the flood and I am just sick about it, what a beautiful little girl, I cannot even begin to imagine. It really has me in a fog, I just pray so hard for everyone involved, that they will turn to God and not away from him.

Friday, June 11, 2010

{Planning as I go}

This is a stay at home day and do nothing, well, nothing meaning cleaning rooms for the kiddos and their bathroom, chores they do not enjoy and will, without a doubt, complain about, bless their messy little hearts. Anyway, as the summer is getting started I really wanted to organize things for my kids to do, but not too overly organized to the point of driving them crazy, but I like to organize, plan, do charts. I want Hannah to do a summer reading program here at home, she is to pick out some books in her room and plan to read them all during the summer, she pouted, said "summer isn't about doing school stuff" and I realize the older my kids get these little ideas I get aren't that great to them anymore, oh the horror for me. Now Cameron is 12 and a boy so he isn't going to want to do some of the things Hannah will do and I'm cool with that, anywho, I have thought about some of the things that we are going to do and it's the "presentation" that I need to change I can't sit an 8 & 12 year old down and say "okay guys we are going to choose a book and put on quiet music and read quietly to ourselves" those days just aren't here anymore (wah, wah) so I have to slyly throw the ideas out there and just go with it, okay, for instance, on Tues. I had plans for homemade Kool-aid play doh, H and I did it, she still loves play doh (yeah) and we do make it quite often, so we're good there she went to town with playing restaraunt. I found a cool way to make slushies using rock salt, and we're going to do that this weekend, they both will love that, without a doubt! they of course are always ready to swim, and C has been going to a gym/rec room with some friends and swimming, playing basketball, all those fun things, so he likes that and he does like to help me cook when he's in the mood! haha! and he most certainly loves to eat everything I cook!!

I am planning as I go, and that's okay, as far as the reading for Hannah I am still trying to work on that, she does like to read but obviously doesn't like feeling the pressure to do it. Our neighbors are going on vacation and they have ask Cameron to take care of their dog, so he went over and got instructions, the key, and all that, what a good boy, they know he will take care of their doggy, and he is excited about making some money!!! good for him. I always want my kids to want to help others, kids are so about themselves these days and I want mine to look out for others and not be so self consumed? if that's a word. Cameron got a cell phone for his birthday in March and he of course loves it with all his being, and can text with the best of them, and the music ring tones can really be annoying after awhile and when we feel he needs to hang it up in the evening we tell him to put it on the bar and take a break, he is getting better, we don't want it taking over, so we have the control and he knows it, so that's good. I ask them the other day what games they would want to play and they threw some ideas at me and it sounded great, so it looks like a family game night is on the menu for the weekend and I can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This morning I worked at KDO at my church, I am subbing this week T/Th and I am with my sister which makes it even better and Hannah goes in the class for the older kids and they have their fun, Cameron hung out with my dad and they went and had their favorite chinese food for lunch today and just messed around. It was a nice change for me, since I don't work outside the home I liked having something different to do, Hannah and I just made Kool-Aid play-doh and we used black cherry flavor and it smells soooo good, she has been playing resturaunt and fixing me some good foods, she is really creative by the way! A nice thunderstorm is passing through and it's a real doozy wind blowing like crazy, we need the cool down though, swimming tomorrow, weather permitting. have a good one!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

{Hodge Podge Pictures}

I wanted to show you guys the necklaces that I bought recently when we went to Dallas, I got these at a really fun dress shop The brown and gold goes with my neutral colors
And the black, silver, pearls go with black, white etc... I love them both so much!!!

Hannah and her "Reading Award" at school

Hannah before field day at school

And these cuties are the "bottle tags" I made for teacher appreciation, or actually a thank you for the great year gift for Hannah's teachers, they loved them and I had fun making them!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Things I am celebrating

I won a Scentsy warmer and 3 bars from Sister's Stuff blog and I just placed my order for what I want, I don't have a Scentsy and always hear great stuff about them, so I am way excited to smell my house with some yummy scents!!!

My kids each spent the night away from home last night and my husband and I went to dinner, just the 2 of us and got to visit without interruption, so that was nice!

I got up early and got my day started with some errands, stocked the kitchen back up, with the kids home for summer and eating all day, I bought some really fun snacks and filled a bowl with a variety so they can just pull something out and have a snack, don't be fooled, Jim will indulge too!

I got the house picked up, did some dusting, and cleaned my countertops really good, and now I am taking a load off to visit with you guys!

I have some candles lit and it's overcast outside so I am feeling cozy, I hope it rains a bit, it's too stinkin hot!!!

Cameron has an end of year party at a friends house tonight and I am thankful that he has a good group of friends to hang with.

Hannah is still with Mimi, they are running around town today, and she is loving it, I know that girl, my mom is the best, the kids love to be with her!!!

I also want to say that I am so thankful that God loves me and that I have such a great family, he is so good to me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Still around, in a blog fog, it happens, I got nothing...