Friday, February 12, 2010

{Just ramblin}

We're having a snow day, woo hoo!! it's been along time comin, we have watched the folks in Ark. just down the road have enough snow for an entire winter and we were jealous, but now we have it and how fun it is!! I'll post some pics. later. So, today if the streets aren't too bad to drive on I have to go grocery shopping, BIG TIME, this trip doesn't even get a list, it's just pull stuff off the shelves type trip, we need it all! ha! Dad continues to do good, thank the Lord! we go to the doc next Thurs. to discuss the surgery which will probably happen the week after, so prayers for that. My Mamaw came home yesterday from the hospital and is also healing very well, and can't forget my dad's dog KC, she is home and healing also, whew, thank goodness for the healing stories huh, that's the goal after all! I am looking out at the kids playing and the sun is shining, not a good sign just yet, please don't our snow just yet, pretty please!


mary'smom said...

Hi. I'm known as mary'smom(that's what everyone calls me in our neighborhood). I just found your blog. I'm going to join you for coffee and follow you.

I really liked your Valentine's Day decorations.

Laura (from Ohio)