Saturday, April 30, 2011

{Royal Fun}

I caught the "Royal Fever", I have never been big on the royal family, just never really got into it, I did however stay home from school the day Charles and Di got married.  All through the week all that was on tv was stories about the upcoming wedding and I really didn't care... and then when I got up yesterday morning around 6:30 and tuned in, I became very intrigued, and watched it off on on all day, I then watched the Lifetime movie about them last night and really got into, it was a really good movie, love Lifetime, anyway, since replays of the wedding have been on all day, I watched it from the beginng to end today and loved it!! Such a beautiful couple!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

{Our Easter}

I love dying eggs, when I smell vinegar it always reminds me of easter eggs, I sniffed it and Hannah looked at me like I was crazy...

Hannah and Avery decorating "monster eggs" and  H looking all too happy to have her picture made...


                                                                  My handsome boy

                                                               Pretty girl...
                                                          L-O-V-E these precious kiddos of mine...
                                                             And Jim and I (windy day=messy hair and I look fat!! yuck!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Moving Along}

(Love this Easter basket!)

Don't you just love a good walk or a run, I know I do, I love walking as I have said many times and sometimes I actually crave a little running.  This morning it's as if my legs were screaming to get moving, and I did just that, my first lap was shared with Kirby, but he wants to piddle, sniff, pee every few minutes so I dropped him off and went back out by myself, it felt good, got my heart rate up, even had my morning prayer time, I am all content now and ready to start my day, we're about to get some storms which are supposed to last all week, so I may not get too much walking time in for a few days, it's amazing what some exercising will do for you, it benefits your body, your heart, and your soul!!!! and I LOVE it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


What I am Loving these days

The anticipation of our summer vacation

My walks with our beagle Kirby

Watching my kids play outside, riding skooters, ripsticks, bicycles.

My new Scentsy scent Eskimo Kiss, smells so good and the name is too cute!

Reading cookbooks, I have always loved reading them and I am on a kick lately

Watching my kids perform in their activities, ex: track and gymnastics

And I want to share some tv shows that I am just crazy about and must see, Mike & Molly, Blue Bloods, Rules of Engagement, What Would you Do? Reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, and the best for last Bethany Ever After!!!!!!

And our family has really gotten into watching Family Feud every evening from 6-7, we love it and like to play along, we look forward to this time, Hannah will make up her own questions at commercials and ask us, and when someone answers with something you know is not up there Jim makes the beep noise real funny and we laugh every time!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My guys went to Dallas on Saturday for the Nascar Race, they had great tickets, in fact, as up close and personal as you can get, they have friends in high places! There was a smoker in their area and they had every meat possible to choose from, and from what I hear they took full advantage! haha! They took some fun pictures for me, as you can tell from the pics with the cars, they were pretty darn close!! So glad they had a blast, I am so thankful for the son/father relationship that they have.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Track Meet Fun}

Today is the district track meet for Cameron, and have I mentioned that our boy totally rocks?? well, he does!   he does the long jump and the 800 meter run,  on the 800 he is always 1,2 or 3  place, it is so much fun to watch him, he has his little rythm of running that works for him and I love it, it's like he paces himself at first and then "blows up" at the end and smokes everyone in his way, love it, so exciting!!! even during spring break he would run at night and ride his mountain bike to keep up his strength, so proud of his dedication, it sure has paid off,  the track meet is in a little town about 1 1/2 hour away, so we are pulling Hannah out of school about 2:00 and will head that way, we don't want to miss a thing!! 

Had a good weekend, Jim and Cameron went to Dallas for the Nascar race, they really enjoyed themselves and on Sat. Hannah and I did some shopping, she really needs some shorts, so we did that and then cousin Madeline spent the night and we went to Ckfila for dinner and then to see Soul Surfer that night, such a good movie, I highly recommend it, such courage that girl has!! we had a fun girls night!! Then the guys got home Sun. afternoon and we just hung out and enjoyed a wonderful roast for dinner with all the trimmings!! Yum! that is about all I got for now, have a great day, the weather is nice here!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

{It's all Good Stuff}

What a mess my blog has been today, I got the itch to make some changes, then messed it up with the widgets and all,  I have been putting it back together all day!!! but I like my new"springy" look!! nice and cheerful.  I also have a few pictures to share with you that make me HAPPY!

This arrangement that my mom and I put together, love my new bunny from TJ Max, love that store!

 This darling picture that my Hannah girl drew for me, and she hung it by my desk so I could look at it while I work.

And, I am just so proud of my Diet Coke shirt, I A-D-O-R-E it!! and I have the perfect red necklace that goes perfect with it!!  what makes this shirt even better is it was $3.24 at Target, even more reason to love it!! haha!

Friday, April 1, 2011

{Awesome April}

Happy April!!! It is a cute little month, kinda simple, spring is popping it's head out and giving us teases of nice warm weather, it's Easter time, many have spring fever, some are dreaming of the flowers they will plant in their yards, lawns need mowing, the kids are enjoying playing outside longer and coming in fulfilled and happy from bike riding, rip sticking, playing with friends, it's a happy time! It is a pretty day here in East Texas, this whole week has been cold though, so we are liking todays weather, I am thinking about a nice long walk, I love my walks,  walking is my choice of exercise, always has been, my mother was always a walker, us kids would love to walk the neighborhood with her, or ride our bikes!  I got my Spring/Easter  decor up this week, love the sweet arrangements my mom and I put together, they are happy, and I could use all the happy I can get these days, ha!  Life is good though, I just ride a roller coaster these days, grief for my father's loss, MS aches and pains, but... I am good, it's life.  The weekend is not too busy, Jim's store is having a big sale tomorrow so he is working, Cameron is going to mow my sisters yard for them tomorrow, he likes to mow and he likes the extra $ also, he is planning to go to the movies with friends next weekend so this is perfect for him!  Hannah has been struggling with allergies this week, so we need to get her all better, church Sun. and then Sun. night mom and Wayne are coming over for dinner and we are looking forward to that,  so thankful for my family and my blessed life, to God be the Glory!!! Have a great weekend!