Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Fall right around the Corner}

My favorite season is right around the corner and I can hardly wait, I am going to start decorating earlier this year, fall is wonderful!

I ordered my fall scentsy bars yesterday, my house is going to smell like sugar cookies, apples, pumpkins, cinnamon and vanilla all the time, yeah!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Bloggy Love}

I love to read blogs, I get so many ideas on decorating, crafting, cooking, being a wife and mom, I am so glad I started mine a few years ago, it's like my diary, I love looking back and seeing what we were doing last year at this particular time, the kids love to see old pics of themselves and how much they have grown.  

I am starting to see lots of ideas for fall decorating showing up on my favorite blogs and I am beginning to get very excited, I LOVE FALL, the very thought makes me smile! and I am especially excited because I get to decorate my new house, I have a fireplace again, oooohh the possibilities I have running through my mind.  Jim and I were sitting on the deck the other evening and discussing how since we have so much room out there, we are going to have a family pumpkin carving night, we told the kids that when we were dating we got those kits where you attach a pattern and poke the holes and then carve out your creation, Jim's was better! they find that story very intriguing, so we are all going to do one, we are already looking forward to it! hoping the weather will be crisp and cool. 

Blogs make me happy, they make me want to create, to make my house our wonderful cozy home,
there are some really creative ladies out there, you should check some of them out!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{School Pics}

We are back at school and everyone is doing good.  Cameron is in 8th grade {gasp} Hannah is in 4th,  who said these kids could grow up??? wear men's size shoes, be almost taller than his mom, have a deep voice, be in his last year of middle school, not want mom to walk them in to school, because she knows where to go,  getting taller, outgrowing all her jeans from last year because her legs are long and lean, the nerve of these kids!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

{School Prep}

It's that time again, school!  we are in full mode, the supplies are bought, we meet teachers tonight, and then are heading to Academy for tennis shoes for Hannah, and a backpack for Cameron, and some new clothes, they have a few new things but I want to get them a few more, and we're good til it cools off, which will be awhile, maybe that's good, it gives our pocketbooks a rest... haha!  The kids are not excited about going back, they're like whatever, we get to see our friends, this weekend I want to get their desk areas all fixed up and functional for them, I know this year will alot harder for C, so he needs to focus and study as much as possible.  Hope everyone is getting it all together, time is moving...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I swear this hot weather has fried my brain, ha! this is too much, 107 is just unacceptable, kids don't want to go outside, so therefore are at my feet begging to be entertained,  I get somewhat grumpy at times, just ask my family, ha! I am really wanting to get our yard in order but picking weeds is just out of the question, a heat stroke waiting to happen, fall cannot get here soon enough.   We have been so busy here lately, so today I went and had a pedi and an eyebrow hot wax, momma needs some pampering, I am going out of town this weekend to a girls weekend, and I am stoked!! we are going to stay at a friends lake house, swim, talk, eat and maybe drink a little wine and lots of laughing, I am ready! and then I will come back all refreshed and ready to tackle back to school shopping, we pick Cameron's schedule up tomorrow, so we'll know what electives he got, he signed up for a tech. ed class and it needs alot of tech. pins and such, some I have never heard of, I am sure they will not be cheap! but it will be a great class for him.  Next week we all get haircuts, and I am having cut and color and want to make some changes, I have been looking for hairstyles on here, I want to go shorter again, not too much, but this sitting on the neck thing is not working for me.  I also want to add some dark highlites in also, I will talk with my hairdresser about it, he will tell me what will work, he is sooo good.  I have bible study this evening, tomorrow is grocery store and errands, I told ya we were busy, and Dominos is cooking our dinner tonight, how nice of them, ha!  no cooking going on here tonight. So, that is my goings on, what are you guys up to?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Sprinklers & Marshmallows}

Good morning blog friends it looks like it's going to be another hot day, so what else is knew huh??? I am done with summer, you can go now, yeah right, you will be here awhile I just know it, ha!  But since there isn't a darn thing I can do about it I will just ramble on about what is going on in my life, please don't get too excited people, hehe!  The other night my sis came by to pick up something and as they were leaving we were out in the driveway, the kids are messing around and my Hannah notices the sprinklers just came on next door so just to be sure, (in typical H fashion) she checks it out and sure enough she eases into a sprinkler and then the cousins decide to just test it out also, just test, that's all, yeah right, next thing we know our nice new neighbor Jimmy, (good name) comes out of the garage and says he doesn't mind them playing in it, he turns them on more, they are all right up in his yard running around having a blast, screaming, laughing, fully dressed mind you, and we didn't even mind, we just went with it, they were so cute, loving life on a summer night, being free, no worries, just playing, sis and I just laughed at them and enjoyed the moment.  Then when it was time to dry off, my nephew John takes his clothes off and streaks around the driveway, sooo hilarious, his skinny little butt, and the girls are laughing so hard, so are we, funny kids.  As they thanked J for letting them play, he told them they could do that anytime, they will surely remember that. 

Kids and I did a ton of errands yesterday, then ended it with a WMart trip, we were there forever, but we had fun, I told you I just enjoy days that we run errands together, I just soak them up, love my babies, then for dinner J grilled some of his famous chicken thighs, they are the best, then for kicks we roasted some marshmallows in the firepit, and then realized how dumb to do that in this heat, we did wait til around 8:30 to do it, but still too hot, but they were still good, nice easy dessert!  So, what is going on with you guys?

Monday, August 1, 2011

{Our New Home}

I finally have some house pictures for you, there are alot of shrubs, and we have not done alot of gardening yet, Jim is working non stop and it's just too hot , we are making small strides though.  We do plan to cut some down completely and trim some back.

the view of our side garage, we really like this feature

the entry hall, I love my "chandy"

 a view of the backyard, with Kirby of course, he is showing off "his" backyard!

the back view of our deck, we LOVE it!

Of course as we get the inside all decorated I will surely let you know!!