Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Desk Make-Over}

I wanted to share with you this desk redo that I did for Hannah's room, she has never had her own desk and Cameron has, so how "unfair" as she said, she needed a desk as she is getting older and needs her own space to do her homework.  I really wanted to find something to redo, did not want to buy something new, just wanted a simple table, old desk, something to make into a desk, I was having no luck, none at garage sales, craigslist, so one day I was at Mamaws house and her neighbor was packing to move and long story short she has an old metal desk, I forgot to take a before pic. it was black with a white top and the top was written all over with perm. marker, but I knew it would be just fine.  I simply cleaned it up real good, primed it, spray painted the body white and since the marker was not going away with the primer I decided to just paint it black, and it also came with a piece of glass that goes over the top, perfect!! it was in great shape! I am so pleased with the way it turned out, she has greens and blues in her room so we got her a green chair, lamp, clock, and I already had the baskets that I placed on the shelves, how perfect! she is thrilled!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

{My Fall Home}

 Welcome to my fall home, I just adore everything fall, makes me happy!! Okay here we go...

 Pretty little arrangement on my bar, since I don't have a mantle my bar is serving as a mantle, I do miss my mantle and can't wait to have one again, but for know I am perfectly happy with what I have!!

 This here is the "toilet paper" pumpkins that are all over blogland, and I knew when I found the tutorial I just had to make some, they are so easy and there are several ways to make them and the way I chose was to take a roll of tp, I got mine at the $ store, don't use the good stuff for this!! ha, anywho, I took a brown paper lunch sack and set the tp in it, trimmed the top off, tucked the top of the sack into the hole, then take a piece of fabric and wrap it and tuck in hole also, then take a stick and place in the top and adorn with ribbon, and wala so easy!!! I just so happened to have this fabric in my stash and the colors were very fall, how exciting!!

 My goodwill picture frame that I turned into a chalkboard, I really liked the frame as is and all I did was paint the glass with chalk board paint and put it on a pedastool, put a fall bow around Mr. Rooster, set that on a tray, put a fall lantern beside it and it sits on my kitchen cabinet.

 This is the arrangement on my coffee table, arrangement, 2 witches and my BOO frames!!

 My sweet mother "threw" this gorgeous fall arrangement together, she just used a vase that I had, and some flowers and moss from her stash and I just love it, she is good let me tell you, she definently has an eye for decorating! I am so lucky to have my mom help me decorate!!!

 These small frames were from the Target $ spot, but they were the 2.50 items, I love them, I simply used some scrapbook paper and stencils and there you have it!! how easy and cute.

This is what greets you at my front door, this is also a mom idea, we decided to go the basket route instead of using my old fall wreath, I love it so much, sunflowers, a pumpkin and the darling bow with pumpkins, I am so pleased, Happy Fall Yall!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{More changes?}

Kinda crazy with the changes I keep making huh? I just wasn't happy with my header and this is much better.  I have been very sporadic with my posting here lately, just been busy and not feeling too good today,  very frustrating, I am changing some of my meds around for my MS so I have been working on that today and going to doctor tomorrow, fun huh? you betcha! ha!  My mom came over yesterday and we "fallified" my house and I love it, pictures to come... I just wish the weather would cool off a bit, I am dying for some cool  weather, that's about all I have for now, sorry to be such a bummer!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Invitation to Fall}

Ok fall you can make an appearance if you want to, we're ready, really really ready okay, got that, please help me, this heat is becoming offending, and it's always very humid here in E. Texas, so even when it's in the higher 80's it still doesn't feel that good.  I just love fall so much, it's my fav. as you all know, love the colors, the feeling, the food!!! how I love thee fall! I went to our store room today and got my fall crates for I am ready to start decorating, I also got my wreath from last year and my mom is going to "tweak" it for me, she is so good at all that, I found some great new foliage at Ellis Pottery that I want to incorporate into my wreath this year and it's going to look so pretty, I can hardly wait! It's just hard to get in the decorating mood when you have sweat running down your face, while standing the storage room, I wanted to spend some time in there but it was just too hot for this gal, ha!  I went to Goodwill and bought a couple of things, I got some frames and a wrought iron dohicky that I am going to paint a burnt orange to go with a fall center piece, I have high hopes for my $1 dohicky!!  Jim is getting ready to go to New Orleans this weekend for a business trip, he is also going to Monday night footaball, we're not big Saints fan, but hey it's a free ticket and a good time!!  We're going out to eat tonight, yeah, what a treat during the week, we NEVER eat out during the week, so I am excited, no cooking means no dishes! we're thinking Olive Garden!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am up and it's 2:30 a.m. I am having one of "my nights", ugh! I can hear Jim snoring, ha! and hear I sit, no sleepy, but will pay in the morning, and it's a big grocery shopping day tomorrow, I may have to go back to bed after the kids leave for school, who knows... I also have hives, so I took a half a Bendaryl, maybe it will kick in shortly, do you like my new fall look? I think I do, took me awhile to decide, I still have some work to do. I am so ready to "fallify" my house, I love fall so much, I have so many great ideas for decorating, I also am going to make a Goodwill run this week and see what things I can find to "redo" I am on the look out for some neat frames to fix up, I have big plans for them!!! well I better get, it's dark in here and I am having trouble typing.  Hopefully nighty night will come for me!! haha

Friday, September 10, 2010

{Fun times}

Diary of a Wimpy Kid +Chili Dogs+Ice cream served in waffle bowls= Family night at the Loggins house!!

Love these nights with my precious family!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tonight Cameron has his first football game of the year, which I hope doesn't get rained out, I think it will according to the forecast! ugh.  We are excited because he is playing for the school this year, last year he played for the city, and now he is an official school football player, meaning he gets to participate in pep rallies and aIl that fun stuff, I remember those days, all the excitement!!  I will have my camera loaded, with the card in, I still haven't gotten my new cord to get their school pics. off yet, I know loser mom! haha! School is going good, the kids are happy, in fact the Tues. after Labor Day they were up and at them ready to go!! that's the spirit huh!
I have had a heck of a time health wise the past week, just don't feel good, the weather is changing and my body hurts, darned MS, it has really had me down, I just rest when needed and do what I can.  Well, better get!!  GO HAWKS!! go Cameron!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yes I am aware that my blog is "jacked up" I am making changes and got stuck, will be better later today!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

{Fall Dreaming}

I am still here!!! don't forget about me people, just been really busy this week, we are all good here, kids are doing fine in school and the routine is back to normal, in fact, I lost the cord to my camera to connect to the computer to download their back to school pics, that I took with the card "not" in there, (dumb, I know) ha!! I will get one today so I can show you my babies!! ha
As far as this picture is concerned, I am dreaming of fall, my favorite season of all, love it with a passion, I can't wait to decorate!!!