Friday, April 5, 2013

{What I'm Loving}

It's Friday, I am feeling good, its amazing what a little sunshine will do for you! After several cold, rainy, dreary days this week the sun is welcome sight! So, I am feeling a things I am loving list coming on, so here goes.

I am addicted to these suckers right here, and have been for a few months now, they are so good!

I have really been doing alot of baking here lately, and my family thanks me for this, my hips not so much!

Sonic cranberry limeade is my happy drink!

Coffee is also and always will be a happy drink also, I have brought my hubby to the coffee side of life and he is addicted too, its nice to drink coffee together.

I always love me some TV, and have several things I must always watch.  I love love love Monday night sitcoms, and some on other nights too.  And on Sunday night I watch The Client List on Lifetime, its a guilty pleasure and it's soo good! And I watch alot of Everybody Loves Raymond, watch it all the time!

I am getting my spring/summer wardrobe all planned out, have found  a few things already.

Getting in the mood for some re-decorating around here,  I have plans to re-paint, re-purpose and re-position! gotta love simplicity! Pinterest has really been a big help in giving me ideas.

That's about it for now folks, we are going out for dinner tonight, it's cooking night off!