Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Different Day}

How wonderful it is that God gives us new days,

A chance to start over

Learn from yesterday, and make it better...

Monday, October 25, 2010


Life has been topsy turvy around here lately,

My dad went back into the hospital this weekend, they said he had a very serious blood infection from his gallbladder surgery and pneumonia, it was serious, we were scared, my mom, sister and her kids came over on Saturday so we could be together as my brother called from Austin to give us updates, we needed to be together, you know, moral support, the closeness of being a family in dire times,

The cousins all played, and we prayed, all got in a circle and those sweet cousins all said prayers of healing for the Papa they adore more than words, it was precious, I could have cried like a baby,

At church yesterday morning, I raised my dad up to the Lord through prayer and song, it felt good to praise him, trust him, always trust him, he is always good no matter what

Thankfully, he is responding very well to the medication and they are waiting on more test, but the great thing is that he is feeling better, Praise!

After church we had stuffed baked potatoes, it rained, we watched football, all stayed in together, then it really stormed, tornado warnings, we lit candles, got our flashlights ready, then for dinner Jim fixed breakfast, it was good, I loved having my precious little family all to myself for the day, no one went outside to play we just stayed together, it was great, I went to bed with a full heart.  Thank you God...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

{Fun stuff}

It's all about the candy corn...
                                                                          the towels
                                                                       the comfy socks
                                                                     the french manicure
and the new purse

I am loving all of these sooo much!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


What a good weekend we had, the kids and I did our shopping trip with great success, the only "unsuccessful" thing was no black hightop Converse sneakers in size 4 not a one in this whole town, we looked everywhere, and Hannah was really understanding about it, I had to order them online and they will be here in a few days so she is happy with that!! the kids are all decked out this morning all confident feeling, it's amazing what new clothes and shoes will do for you, I know how happy I am when I get something new, even something simple gives you some extra pep in your step!! we had a great day together, we even had lunch at the Target deli, we like their food!! ha, simple and fun! we ended the day by going to our favorite Chinese food buffet for dinner, it was so good, it was nice to just sit there as a family and talk about our day, love those times.  I have been fighting allergies the last week and thought I was losing my voice, so I am downing some meds to fight it off, the weather is crazy here for allergies this time of year, why can't it just cool off for good! We watched alot of football yesterday and Jim grilled his famous chicken thighs for dinner, they were soo good,  the kids played with their friends and got their rooms all cleaned up for the week, all in all fun times!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

{Feeling Blessed}

Wow, life sure has been busy for me lately, I am happy to report that my dad came home from the hospital today, he is in Austin at my brothers and will be for the next 2 weeks to be near the heart hospital and if he continues to respond well to his treatment he can come home to us, what a blessing that he is home, being in the hospital for 2 weeks cannot be fun for a person!!! We are back to our routine again, it sure is nice to be home, again I am so thankful for my husband and how he managed our home, the kids, his business, he did a super job and I am very blessed to have him, thank you honey, once again!! Jim has to work tomorrow, so I am taking the kids on a fall shopping trip and they are beyond excited, they really need some cool weather duds, esp. Hannah she took a big growth spurt this summer and her old jeans are justa floodin!! haha.
I am excited too, how fun to pick out new stuff!  I also plan to do some baking this weekend, I love fall baking, love the smells of cinnamon, pumpkin... I think we may also do some brownies and use our halloween cookie cutters to cut out some fun shapes and I'll make some icing and we can tint it orange, I know my gang will love that, esp. the kids! Jim and I are going to start "making healthier choices" these goodies will be in moderation for us!!! I guess I need to run, I need to move the laundry around,  and start putting fresh sheets on the beds!! Happy Fall Weekend!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

{I'm Back}

Just wanted to touch base, I have been out of town tending to my dad who is having some more health problems, he is doing good now but faces some tough challenges in the coming weeks, so prayers would be appreciated.  I am back home with my family, my wonderful husband did a great job holding down the fort, I am so appreciative for that.  I have much to catch up on so I will visit with you later!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{This boy}

This boy, my Cameron, first born is getting too old and big for this momma, he is 12 years old and a precious boy, he is getting ready to go to a mixer at his school, first dance, first time to do something like this, he went with a group of buddies, he had alot of fun, I asked him if he danced, he said yes, and he even showed me how, it was a group dance, something kids that age do, I am not cool enough to know about these things, he had fun that's what matters, I am so proud of you Cameron and am glad that you are who you are!!!

If he smiles any bigger...

Friday, October 1, 2010

{Celebrate October}

It's October!! my most favorite month of the year, (que the angels to sing) how happy am I???  very
 And to start this month off just right I had my coffee out of this darling little mug

 And.... with this darling little girl, my Hannah