Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{Keepin it real}

Edit- Just wanted you guys to know that I got my butt in gear this morning and Jim and I enjoyed a fun day together, we went to Applebees for lunch and to Kohl's and we each got a new pair of shoes!!! So fun!

I have so much to do today and I don't have the mojo to do them, but it's driving me crazy thinking of the things that I need to do, ever feel that way? I am sitting here on the couch in need of a coffee refill, where's the maid when you need her? I need to shower and wash my hair, and probably shave my legs, gosh I hate that chore, how lazy is that? My husband is off today, well, sorta, he went in to do some paperwork and will be back home shortly, he asks if I want to do anything today, with absolutely no enthusiam I tell him I had planned to clean house all day, what a fun gal I am, husband is never ever off during the week and I choose to clean house, we'll see, I am known to change my mind from time to time! My kids rooms are atrocious? Cameron started cleaning his last night, it's that bad that he does it in shifts, but as he layed in bed last night he was shooting his air soft gun and these little red bullets shoot fly around the room (no damage) and his floor is coated with them, these little critters can be found everywhere in my house, and Hannah is just as sloppy, I told her last night that I was disappointed that she was also a slob like her brother, I had hopes that one of my kids would be neat with their rooms, she's my girl what's her problem????? I am so let down on that issue. And their bathroom, oh don't get me started, I am stressed just thinking about that place! Ok, what other dirty laundry can I share with you guys, it seems this has turned into a keepin it real kinda post, feels good though, so shall I continue??? don't mind if I do... let's see, I have really dry hands and they crack and hurt like heck and the cold weather does not help, I look like I dig ditches all day, my hands are not commercial worthy, maybe for a "before shot" people would go oh my poor girl, she needs do treat them, if you have any great suggestions, please share, they really hurt. Well, while this has been rejuvenating I find it in my best interest to get up and do something about all this!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Stacy,enjoy reading your blog, what is so interesting about it is that it appears that the "Simplicity of Life" is real with you! just love that! hey about the "hand issue" the lotion that my daughter turned me on to is Goldbond with Shey Butter! it is great! Hope you get good results like I have.Blessings to you and your family! Kay Miers