Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Nifty Ninety}

We celebrated my Mamaws 90th birthday Sat. night at a mexican rest. and had a blast, there were about 25 of us,  it was so fun to be with the whole family, the only problem that I am just sick about is that the picture of Mamaw in her hat was some how erased by me, I was ill about it, it was a good picture.  I didn't take too may pics. I was too busy visiting and having fun!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Track & Sickness}

As I said in the last post I just got too busy to blog and when I thought about it I wasn't in the mood, you know how that can be, just don't feel up to writing it all down.  Last week was spring break and we just stayed around here,  nothing too exciting, my brother and his kids came in and that was fun hanging with them, and the cousins all love being together.  And now for the exciting news... Cameron came in 1st place in 800 meter run at his track meet Monday, we were beside ourselves with excitement, there were 12 boys running, when he came flying up past the boy who was in first and glided on past him we knew he had it!!! I went to bed smiling and woke up smiling, we are so proud of him.  I had never really known alot about track, he has played all sports at one time or the other, and he does play football in the fall, but 7th grade is when they can start track and with the urging of his coaches he gave track a try and has excelled, track meets are so much fun, I never knew, Jim and I just look at each other like "look at our boy go" haha!  to say we are proud is an understatement :) 

It has been nice getting back to our normal routine this week, I know the kids disagee, but I like a routine, I don't mind shaking it up a bit but a routine keeps me sane!  Last night Hannah and I were at gymnastics and Jim called me about 30 min. after we had left and said he was ill, he was throwing up, chills, couldn't even talk to me, so she had a little more time to finish and then we flew home to check on him, poor guy threw up all night, felt terrible, luckily I had some Phenegran and he took that and it seemed to help, he has had a headache and very weak today, so he has been sleeping, I just fixed him some Chicken noodle soup and crackers, and of course more Sprite, so he is perking up a bit, it just takes awhile to get over all that mess.  I am crossing fingers and toes none of us get it, the lysol has made many appearances today! ha.  When I get sicknesses like that it really takes me down even more because of my MS, so it can just take a hike!  I guess that is it for now, have a good rest of the day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

{I speak}

I am alive, my mother inlaw called me on Sat. to make sure we were okay, she noticed I had not been blogging, it was not an intentional break it just turned into one. Last week we were on spring break and my brother and his kids came in so we had alot going on, lots of good times together. But I will be back tomorrow to fill you in on what;s been going on.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have a teen in the house!! He has reminded Jim and I that him becoming a teen makes us "old", thanks for that Cameron!!  He had a great day, a group of friends decorated his locker, the athletic team sang to him and lifted him up on their shoulders and he got to sit out and watch everyone else work out! he got some really neat gifts and his having 2 friends spend the night Fri. night and watch a movie, have pizza, just hang out and have fun!! Happy 13 Cameron, we love u!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

{Face Book Thoughts}

I don't know about some of you, but I have thought a couple of times about doing away with my facebook account, but, I enjoy couponing and to get most of them you need facebook, so that solved that little issue.  The reason I bring this issue up is I get so tired of reading some of the crap people put on there, esp. this new feature I have noticed where you tell people where you are, ie, "Stacy is at Walmart" okay, really, so when a person is at a resturaunt they are like hold on people let me let the world know where I'm at?? what a waste of time.  Now I am not putting everyone down that uses it, it is great for certain types of networking and i have reconnected with so many people on there, and I do enjoy seeing what's up, but the obvious addiction that some people have is crazy, I think we all  have a few friends that take up your whole wall,  you know the ones, they tell you every detail of their daily lives.  I do post pics every now and then and say hello to everyone, I guess the thing that really gets me is some of the things that people are into, I sometimes wanna say "grow up already" your doing the same things you  did in high school, or wow, what an alcoholic you are, or "aren't you a little old to be acting that way", or "I can't believe you posted THAT picture for the world to see", you all know what I mean, I know you do!!!  My sister and I get some good laughs at all these things, we share alot of the same friends.  Cameron just got a fb a few months ago, and it's fun for him, no biggie, Jim and I are both friends with him so he has nothing to hide, he and his friends just have fun with each other,  btw he will be 13 on Tues. eek!! no! my baby boy!  such a good boy though, and he has his first track meet tomorrow, so we are looking forward to that!!!  The reason for my fb rant, I just looked at it, and felt inspired by the select few.  There are alot of things these people could be doing rather than letting the world know "they are going to Sonic" or "that God forbid they are having diareah!!!!!ha I am just waiting on that one!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Storage and Sales}

March 1, reeeealy?  I won't even get on my time flies soap box... it does, deal with it Stac!!!  Last night we went to our storage building to take some stuff and get some stuff,  the kids had a really good time looking at all the goodies from our old house, we had to rent this when the "big flood" happened, most of the things are items that won't fit, or were garage things, Jim and I always run by there to get something every now and then but the kids never go, C found his old pocket rocket motorcycle, H found her cupcake maker and brought it home, she informed me the cake mixes were expired and we need to get more so she can cook, oh joy!! I am not a fan of those item, easy bake oven, icee maker... they make tiny portions and take forever, and take up a ton of space, but oh well.  The goal when we went was to trade out C Tony Hawk bike for a mountain bike,  we have very limited space in our entry way here but it does fit 2 bicycles, so one had to go, he is really excited about it, my brother gave it to us years ago and it's practically brand new, and since he is running track he wanted this bike to help him with his fitness,  he and his daddy aired the tires back up, tweaked it a little, and he is happy!! H also brought back an old Razor scooter they had forgotten about, so now we have 2 scooters, 2 bikes, and a Ripstik, something for everyone to ride, good times!  We are looking forward to having a house again when the time comes, we are checking out our options, the lawn mower, weed eater, blower, all that stuff are begging to be used again, Jim did say he was ready for yard duty, so is C, he was liking mowing before we moved, he may not be that into it now, but he'll do it!! 

I need to get busy this morning, I have 30 min. before I report to work, I am thinking I am very comfy in my new 4.40 jammie pants that I got at Kohl's the other day, they are too cute and they have bright colored snow flakes on them, at that price, they could have pumpkins on them or whatever holiday art!!  That reminds me H and I had a very successful shopping trip Sat. at Kohl's we hit the jackpot,  we got 13 articles of clothing for 117.00, 1 of them being the CUTEST dress for me, it is DARLING and I actually go in there and take it out everyday and smile at it, I do, really.  Okay. enough from me, need to refill my coffee and get setup for my day, have a good first day of March my bloggy friends!!!