Friday, February 25, 2011

{My kiddos}

These 2 kids of mine, they make me so happy, last night Jim had a chamber of commerce meeting and dinner so he would not be having dinner with us and I told him the kids and I would probably just drive thru Wendy's and grab some dinner, he suggested why don't we just eat there, I thought that was a great idea why not shake it up a little, do something different, and the kids thought that was a great idea, (doesn't take much does it) anywho, we sat there eating our dinner and talked about their day, I like to know what was the best and worst part of their day, they really like this and it can be really interesting listening to them.  Last night C was telling me about some cute girls and Miss H informs me that she "did" have a boyfriend at school, but she broke up with him, I asked her what they did to be boy/girlfriend, she said "mom, nothing we all just play together on the playground",  oh the drama!  as long as they keep it on the playground this mama is okay, haha!! I was shocked because she is pretty shy about stuff like that, now C on the other hand has had several little girlfriends, anyway, I remember at one point just looking at them as they were talking to each other and I just had to smile,  they are mine and I am so glad that they are!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

{What I'm Watching}

I took Hannah and one of her little friends to see this movie on Saturday afternoon and it was so good, the reviews were not that great, but I have learned you can't listen to them, like I would watch it again, so precious!!
And I am loving "The Good Witch Series" on the Hallmark channel,  there are 3 movies and I saw the 3rd one at Christmas and loved it, then the first 2 were on yesterday and I got caught up on them and LOVE them, I hear they just finished the 4th one, I cannot wait!! Catherine Bell is a great actress!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{The "Now"}

Good Thursday morning to you!! Is it me or has this week flown by?? slow down time, please.   Seems everywhere you look everyone is waiting for the next day, on FB people are always writing on Monday that they can't wait for Friday??? why can't we just enjoy "the now",  I have learned in my life and esp. the last several months that you have to enjoy "the now" life is short, enjoy living it, now I am not trying to be an expert in how to live or to say that I am doing it all right and telling you that you need to do the same, I am also trying to convince myself, ha!  My kids are growing up so fast, and it makes me sad, last night Hannah came in my room to read to me after her bath and she looked so darling, she had her hair in a little bun and looked tall as she crawled on the bed with me and sprawled her long legs out, I just looked at her and asked her how she got so tall all of a sudden, she then jumped off the bed and stood real straight and smiled, pleased that I thought she looked tall, my girl, my baby, who can be so difficult, has a mind of her own, very stubborn, will argue 24/7, hates to clean, and is a tough little boot, she needs to STOP growing for the love of all things good!!  And then Cameron, who will be 13 in a few weeks, yikes, a teen??? nooooo, he is tall, voice already changed,  but he is my sweet boy, pretty easy going, not perfect, can have a smart mouth, and says we need to give him more freedom, easy boy, just calm down and quit trying to catch up with me on your height and shoe size, seriously, enough Cameron!!! ha!

Life is somewhat of a struggle these days, we miss our Papa so much we want him back with us, and we are doing good dealing with it, some days are harder than others, the kids don't dwell on it like I do or how Jim does, kids deal different, they are stronger than we think, Cameron has always said that Papa is better now that he is in heaven and his heart is well again, not if that doesn't make you so proud as a parent...

Hannah started back in gym. Tues night, she didn't take in the fall, that is when dad got so sick and I was back and forth to Austin and then caring for him when we brought him home, it just wouldn't work for us then, and she had been so anxious to get back in, so Tues. was the night and she was so happy to be jumping and tumbling again, and the smile on her face as I watched her on the trampoline made me so happy!!  Cameron is getting ready for track at school, the coach said he would love to have him on the team, and he has been timing really well,  so that will be fun going to track meets, I love new adventures for my kids.   We have been planning our family vacation here lately, we have not taken a "real vacation" in years and it's time, so we are planning to go to Florida, and we are so excited, planning is half the fun!!   Well, I need to get moving this morning, I start work at 9 so I have more than enough time to pick up around here, yeah me, ha!  I think today will be a home day, I did errands yesterday, so after I finish working at 1, I'll just hang around here and do what needs to be done, there is always something, but, that is okay, I have been blessed with this wonderful family of mine, and I don't take that for granted at all, I have a husband who is also my best friend who works hard for our family and puts us first, always, and I love taking care of them, I am so thankful to God for my life, he has been good to me, no matter what struggles we are dealing with I am trying to always be thankful, enjoy the now, don't rush life,  NOW is the best time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank you for all your sweet words of encouragement after my last posts, sometimes we just have to let it out, this is life and it's not always roses, but the good thing about talking about it out loud is that it does make you feel better, and I prayed to my Lord for peace during times like these, he is the only one that can help us and I just turned it all over to him, it refreshed my soul, that's the good thing about new days, each new day is a day forward and I can only look forward.  I rented the last Shrek movie for us to watch tonight, we are big Shrek fans around here, so looking forward to watching that, not too much going on for the weekend, just taking it as it comes, have a great weekend, I am going to take advantage of some warmer weather and get some good walks in, they do a body good!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is a venting post today, I am not a happy camper the last few days, while the snow and cold weather is pretty, my pain is not, the cold has really affected my MS, I wake up in pain, feet hit the floor and ouch, legs ache... so I take my pain med. and some ibuprofin, wait for that to set in and start my day... blah, blah, blah, I am so tired of this, I cannot do anymore to make it better, and then I get really sleepy, and can't wait to get a nap,  and then to top it off my psoriasis is all flamed up, I have it on my hands and let me tell ya, they look rough, and they hurt, it's like lots of little cuts, so I look like a toddler sporting all of my band-aids, good times!  And, yeah there is more, sorry I warned you... I am not pleased with my body these days, and last night I obsessed about the fact that my butt is looking too large, and what in the world is that cellulite all about?? I didn't invite it over, it needs to leave. I am not out growing my clothes or anything, I am just not pleased,  I walk all the time, except when the weather is like this, and as always, I miss my sweet daddy and think about him all the time, and I know that grieving last awhile and I accept that, it's just stinks that's all.  I'll get a grip on all this, I know I will, sometimes ya just have to let it out and this is my blog so here it is!! HA! Thanks for listening, as always you guys are the best!! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

(Super Bowl Fun}

Just a few pictures of our super bowl fun, we had mom and Wayne over and Jim fixed his amazing chili, we also enjoyed spinach dip, veggie tray, and cookies, everything was so good, mom brought some paint and we put the initial of our fav team on our cheeks!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

{Super Sunday}

I found this on another blog the other day and LOVED it, aren't these pillows just great!

(photo from source)

And this is a picture that I found on another blog and I would just love to have this somewhere in my home!!

 (photo from source)

Are you all getting ready to cheer on your favorite team? We sure are, have fun this evening!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When I found this I immediately loved it, I love the "normal" call me a creature of habit, but it is so incredibly comforting to me.  It made me reflect on the everyday normal that I love such as, morning routines getting everyone ready to start the day, my routine after they all leave and esp. the evening time, I love it when I am getting dinner ready and the kids are usually out playing or doing homework, and I have Food Network on, I love to cook with Rachel Ray, she is on at 5:30 and I am usually fixing dinner around then... and then J gets home, we visit, finish dinner, call kids in, have dinner while talking about our day, I like to fold clothes in the evenings on my bed, it's relaxing and hey, it has to be done! Jim always watches tv in the living room and I am always in our room in the evening, after chores are done I enjoy reading and watching tv and the kids are usually in their rooms or wherever, it depends on what night it is because they have certain shows they like to watch with their daddy, H likes to take her bath in our tub for some reason, but I like it, because while I am doing my thing in our room she is bathing and calls me in their every few minutes to show me what she is doing, she is busy in the tub with her bath toys, Barbies, pet shop pets, and lately she loves to play with my shaving cream, now J complains she is wasting it, but I don't care, it's cheap and she has a blast with it, seriously she makes me all kinds of deserts with it, haha! and decorates her face, it's funny, she entertains me, I just enjoy, for I know she will outgrow all that one day.  Cameron can be found on his laptop with earbuds listening to music or on facebook or watching tv, playing with the dog, visiting with J.  So as you can see I love our "normal" days, they bring me pure JOY.