Monday, April 27, 2009


Just wanted to drop in and say hello and show off a couple of kiddo pics! Cameron is always so sweet and cooperative for a picture and Hannah always has to show off, look at her doing peace and her eyes look like she's saying "sup dude" what a little show off!

And of course I just had to show a picture of what I have been loading...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh how I am trying to live by this, I am so filled with busy thoughts with our move and all, that I really need to quit thinking everything to death and just let somethings just happen... so with that said I figure it's about time for a "things I'm thankful for/things I am loving right now" list so here goes:

I am so incredibly thankful for my family!

I am really getting excited about our new home, we've lived here for 11 years and it's time for a change!

Our new house is on an acre and I am excited about that and there are so many trees that I am thinking about getting some bird feeders and putting them up so we can watch the birdies!!

Summer in our new home is going to be fun, and playing with our cousins and eating popsickles!

I have been picking out new bedding for the kids rooms and am real excited about that!

Since we have been packing it has been very liberating getting rid of things we don't need, the plan is when we move in to not have anything we don't need, I want it to go very smooth... we'll see

I am ready for our family to be in 1 house again, but we still have a month so...

I am really loving couponing and cost comparing, I am really saving some $$$ and it's such a kick to see the savings!

I love my walks I take mid-morning with Kirby, we both get some much needed exercise

We have really been on a movie kick around here and I am loving it, we saw Bolt last Friday and had ice cream pops for our treat, and then on Sat. night we went and saw Paul Blart, Mall Cop and it was really funny, we all enjoyed it, and this Sat. we're going to see Hotel for Dogs, we love our dollar theatre and are really going to miss it when we move.

Well. the list could go on and on but I need to throw some clothes in the wash, have a good day it's almost Friday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite kinda eye candy...

a good book, are you suprised? Nora Robert's "In the Garden Trilogy" is my lastest love interest... I read the first one few weeks ago and then I went to Half Price Books and got the other 2 and I just started the 3rd one last night, they are so good and I always hate to see them end because I get so wrapped up in the characters. Our local library flooded in Feb. and they are still renovating it so I don't have a library to go to, and the other ones are too far to drive and then I would keep them too long and have overdue fees, so I checked out HPB and scored some great deals on my books, I really liked that place, could really do some damage in there, I know I'm a nerd :)

We've been doing some packing around here, we close next Thurs. and the movers will start packing us on Fri. and then we'll move in the house on Sat. well, Jim will. and the kids and I will come back here to finish school. We are really getting excited about our changes and I am already picking out new bedding for the kids room, they are due some new bedding, they are helping me pick it out. The weather has been really nice here, very springy feeling! Tonight is my favorite night, American Idol is on and I intend to snuggle on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and be entertained!! Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Easter babies!
Easter egg hunt with friends!

More babes

Sweet cousins being silly!

Well, another Easter has come and gone, too bad the weather was dreadful! thank goodness we did a big egg hunt on Saturday when the weather was good. When we left for church it was pouring down, thunder, lightning, windy, just the kind of weather you want with new outfits, we all walked in church with dripping umbrellas and hair going every which way, the service was good and it was nice to be with family! After church we went to Mamaws for hamburgers, chips, and lots of yummy desserts! the kids did a small egg hunt in the house and ran around like crazy people hyped up on candy, but the cousins always have fun together!

We finally got to see our house and it's going to work just great for our family, we are getting new carpet in it and that will make it so much better, it has a huge front and back yard, it's on an acre, it's 1900 sq. ft. has a shop in the back to keep all the yard equipment. 4-wheelers and all that in, anyways, I need to run!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lazy blogger

I have been a lazy blogger this week, we are leaving for Tex. tomorrow after the kids get out of school for Easter, we are excited to see our rent house, it has really old trees, a huge backyard, a sun room, Jim says we should be pleased. I have all my Easter shopping done, I hate fighing crowds at the last minute, not my style! Tomorrow Hannah has her egg hunt at school, and then Sat. morning in Tex. one of my friends who lives in Austin is having an egg hunt at her parents house for all of our friends and their kids, so I am looking forward to seeing them, and then of course church Sun. and lunch at mamaws and another egg hunt with the cousins, I am so excited, such a great time of year!! :)

So how about American Idol???? I am soooo loving it!!! I knew Scott would get booted last night, I like him and he is talented, but not a winner! I love Danny Gokey! he is my #1 choice, and then Adam is my 2nd!! Nothing is on tonight that I am excited about, I am really a big TV fan and Monday night is my fav. I love the sitcoms! Got my hair cut and colored yesterday, and I love it, it's alot shorter and feels great! in fact all of us have gotten a cut this week in our house, except Jim of course, for he has no hair!!! ha! he just uses the ol' shaver, how simple is that!! well, have a great Easter if I don't blog again!!! Stacy

Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh happy day...

it really is, the weather is great, I have my Easter shopping done, and we found a house!!! yeah, Jim went and looked at it today and was very pleased, there are not alot of rental houses in Texarkana, but we weren't getting too concerned for we knew that God would provide for us, you see he has had his hand in this whole job and moving plan before we even knew it and things have been falling into place, so Praise Him!!! I have a few pics today... This is my Easter tree, it is so sweet, and beside it is some Peeps bubbles for the kids Easter baskets, aren't they adorable, I just had to show them off, I got them at Dollar Tree!
We went to the park the other day and here is Hannah feeding the "duckies"

and here she is on top of the slide...

and here is Mr. Cameron showing what his air soft gun does to styrofoam cups, he strategically placed a bunch in the garage and shot at them, what a boy!!!