Friday, January 27, 2012


As I said before I don't prefer to make resolutions for the new year,  but I always have "goals" for myself, weather it's for the new year or whatever, I think we all need to have goals at all times, it keeps you on your toes! 

I am looking for another part time job right now and am very anxious to find something, I have not worked since Sept. and I am ready to work again!  I am praying ferverently about this one!

I want to start getting out and walking more too, I am also on the look out for an exercise dvd for days when getting outside is not an option for me.

I want to eat better, and for the last week I have been doing better, water has become my close friend again too, MUST drink more water!

More Patience, for the most part I am but I want to bring out more Peace in myself.

DIY projects, I have alot of ideas written down in my "famous binder" and I am starting to make them come to life, not just think about them, but to DO them!

Something that I have already put into Play mode is working with the kids at church in Bible Drill on Wed. nights, love it already and I am learning right along with them!!!

Goals are so important to me, I love making them happen, the Accomplishment is so worth it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We had a suprise party for my sweet mother Jan. 10, she was really suprised, mission accomplished. We had it at Amigo Juans with our family, we had alot of fun.  I made her favorite, a coconut cake.

I am so sorry to post this picture sis, I know you will complain, but look at me, and those eyes, what the heck, it's the only picture I have of us...

The birthday "girl"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

{First Pinterest Craft}

I wanted to show you my first Pinterest craft, I saw it last week and knew I wanted to make it for my niece Molly-Kate who had surgery {she is just fine}for a get well treat.  The container is a drink carrier from Sonic, how CLEVER I must say!!!

I got in my stash of crafts supplies, I have plenty and wanted to just use what I had, I went through my scrapbook paper and decided on the color scheme I wanted and then chose the letters, I used stickers, cardboard letters, ribbon, and decorative brads.

Hannah and I went to Target and she chose some fun things from the $ spot, she chose some cupcake socks, cupcake scenty stickers, a pink squeezy pink, a strawberry starter kit and we stuck some packs of Smarties throughout, we put some green rafia for filling.  Love the way it turned out, so cute and original, Miss MK loved her gift!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

{After Christmas Sales}

Feels good to be blogging again, I didn't intend to be missing this long but the other laptop that was "sick" is officially "dead", and that is the one all our pictures are on, I just got an adapter today that I can download pictures to this computer, so I have alot of catching up to do, I will do it in segments though, there is too much.  But for today I want to show you some of the after Christmas stuff that I scored...

 This is from my Target trip
  about 15 ornaments
  a plaque
  green platter
  2 advents
  5 word plates
  3 pkg. assorted gift tags
  envelope seals
  5 boxes photo cards
  ornament hooks
  2 packs of beverage stirrers
  This was all at 90% off, $112 for $13 WOW!!!

 I got this mat at Kohls last week for $3.99 reg. $19.99, I love this, I have not had a Christmas mat for a few years now so I was really excited when I happened upon this...  The large ornament chalk board thingy is from Kirklands, which was maybe $4, reg. $12, so needless to say I scored big on all of these goodies. So, next year when I pull everything out I will have new things to use, and that's a good thing!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{Good Things in 2012}

I have decided not to do the traditional resolutions, I think they are just hard to live up to and the added stress just doesn't sound good to me.  I do have goals in mind though, I want to do more DIY projects, I have alot of things stored in my brain that I want to do and they all excite me!!!

Another thing, I commited to helping with bible drill at our church on Wed nights, I will help in Hannah's class, I am so excited to help these kids learn more about the bible, myself included! It's going to be a good year, I just know it!!

P.S. I love this motto, need to do just that!

Monday, January 2, 2012

{Christmas Part 1}

Christmas without any pictures to show, the computer I store our pics on is on the fritz so I took it to the shop today, and the sd card in my camera will not fit the adapter for this computer, so I am out of luck, boo!  We started Christmas Eve off at home as a family and we watched Christmas with the Kranks, then Hannah and I ran a last minute errand and went to Starbucks for some hot cocoa, as we were sitting there and I with my salty caramel and H with her peppermint cocoa, I told her there was nothing more cozy and festive than sitting there sipping on our treat, it was perfect! 

That evening we went to candlelight service at our church, it was so wonderful to be there, beautiful songs, message and the Lords Supper, then we lit our candles, sang, prayed and rejoiced in the season and Jesus birth, so wonderful to look at my family as we were sitting there, felt so blessed. 

Then we went to my mothers house for dinner, gifts and family, she did an Italian theme, so good, cousins opened some gifts, and had a great time! Then it was home to start "other preparations", the kids were anxious and went to bed, even though they are almost 14 and 10, and have their "own beliefs" as far as Santa is concerned,  they know not to voice their opinions or he might just not come to our house, hehe!  We tell them you always "believe" and have fun with it, and they do, they love it!

We got up at 8 on Christmas morning, looked at what Santa brought and opened gifts, it was so nice, we were all very lucky this year,  the kids got some wonderful things,  I then fixed a breakfast casserole and some cinnamon rolls and it was all so good...   Then a bit later my mother, sister and her kids came over for the day,  we snacked during the day and then fixed a nice big dinner.  The menu included roasted chickens, Jim's homemade mashed potatoes, sweet pot. fruit salad, green beans and rolls,  and for dessert I made a apple spice trifle, it was all so good.

After that we played some games with the kids and just hung out, it was a great day, everyone went to bed happy with their gifts and the security of a loving family, that is so important to me.  And that is the first segment of our holiday, more to come...