Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Back to School}

These kids of mine went back to school yesterday, Cameron is in the 9th grade, high school folks!! this is serious, I mean really, high school??? but, I am happy to report that he had a great day, he loved it!! He has a busy year planned, he is playing football and he made the golf team, good luck Cameron!!

 And, my Hannah girlie, she is in the 5th grade, her last year in elementary, boo hoo.  She is an ol' pro at her school,  good luck Hannah!!

Sunday night when everyone was winding down we had one of our family pow wow's. We talked about the upcoming school year. About expectations, goals, rules, also reminding them of friending kids who seem lonely or bullied. Always remembering that God is with them, that we as their parents are behind them in all they do.  We prayed over them and gave them back to school blessings, it felt so good to do that, as parents we do what we can to send them on their way to be independent in their day, to make good decisions, and to always know that a loving home awaits them at the end of their day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Tough Time}

Talk about being in a blog funk this summer, I just am at  loss everytime I start a post and end up deleting it.  I also feel I am in an "unsettled place" right now and I am discouraged, unhappy, and grumpy about it.  Not all the time, and I am trying to pray my way out of it.  The reason behind this mood is my job.  My centre is closing it's doors, due to the economy, the market just can't support us here.  I just started in April, got my weight loss consultant certification in June, truly love my job, you can read about it here.  To say I am disappointed is an understatement.  I want to have the attitutde that God must have some other really great plans for me, but it's hard, I just don't know why this is happening to me.  There is a chance I may work from home again, I have already had an interview, I did like it before, but when the contract ended I thought that was a sign I needed to be with people, and get out of the house.  I just knew this was the job for me, I thought of it as more of a career.  Jim says maybe it's meant for me to work from home, who knows, but I honestly know that God does, I just need to pump up working on my faith. 

Our last day of business is the 31st of this month, I really hope I have something lined up by then, financially if anything, as we all know, life is expensive these days!! ha! can I get an amen!  I just want to feel some peace, feel as if I know what the future holds, don't we all...

Friday, August 3, 2012


This pretty lady here is my sweet Mamaw, she went to be with Jesus last Saturday morning, she lived 91 great years, what a celebration.  91 years is really something to brag about!  3 daughters, 7 grandkids, 12 great grandkids, and of course her husband, my Papaw, who passed away 10 years ago, they are together again! We miss you Mamaw, we have cried many tears, but we have also laughed alot of laughs, you were one of a kind, how great to have had such great life, to be loved by so many!