Monday, May 28, 2012

{Memorial Day}

We are Free, Because of the Brave

Thank you to my sweet daddy and all of those who are and have fought for our wonderful country!

Friday, May 25, 2012

{Day at the Park}

Well, the kids are done with school, and I must say that 4th and 8th grade sure did go by fast, I am so in denial that my son will be in high school this next year, wasn't he just in elementary??? seriously time needs to slow itself dooooown! To celebrate end of year we went to the park today with my mom, sister and her kiddos, and Cameron took a friend and they enjoyed fishing, and speaking of , my nephew John caught a huge snapping turtle, it was crazy, his daddy came out to bring him his pole and fished with him awhile, when all of a sudden they got a pull and there was this 30-40lb turtle on the end.  There was a school there on an end of year field trip and they were all looking at it from the grass, as they were fishing off the dock, pretty soon word got out and everyone was gawking at the unusual catch, they cut the line and released the turtle, we joked that the turtle was telling his other under water pals that he got a cool piercing!!! ha! We enjoyed Wendy's for lunch (thank you mimi) the kids played on the equipment, fed the ducks, walked around and just had fun, and my mom, sis and I just visited and had some great laughs as we always do!! luv my precious ladies so much! Not much else going on this weekend, no big plans, and that is fine with me!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

{Kids Triathalon}

Last Saturday Hannah participated in her first triathalon, it's the 1st one they have had in our town and it was themed "Kids Chase the Sundown", it was such a great experience for her, my sister's girls did it also, we had the most fantastic time, it was truly the best.evening.ever!!!

 Hannah before the tri.

 Hannah and some friends from school...

 Cousins, seriously rocking the swim caps!

 Molly-Kate getting fired up!!

 Madeline posing before she took off!

 Hannah going in the water...

 Transitioning to the bike part...

 Crossing the finish line!  Yeah Hannah!!

 Jim and his"Hannah Banana Girl"

 Love this picture of my sweet sister giving MK and kiss after she finished!!!

And here comes Madeline, so proud of her!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

{My New Job}

My name is Stacy and I blog here, ha!  as I said before I have been busy, and that busy has been that I am working outside of the home now.  I am in the process of getting my weight loss consultant certification for Jenny Craig!!! can you believe it??? I know I can't...and I am loving it so much, everything about this position is truly from God,  ever since I stopped working at home I was looking for something else, I wanted to work at home, but I also had this little voice that kept saying, "you really might want to work outside the home, be with people" I am serious about this people, and after several long months of sitting around here and moping,  oh yes I did, and talking about a job I registered with the agency my husband uses for his business, I only wanted part-time, during the day, no weekends,  with my MS I just couldn't do a full time job, I would never make it! within about 3 weeks, they called me with this position, I thought about it, didn't answer back, wasn't real interested, but it kept pulling at me, I answered the email, had the interview within days and started the job almost 2 weeks later!! I loved it the minute I interviewed with them.  I have been there for a month and am close to my certification, it has been so interesting learning about nutrition, and I get to help people change their lives, how rewarding is that??? big time rewarding if I do say so myself!! ha!

I work 20 hours a week, 3 days a week, my schedule is perfect for me and my family, I feel so lucky to have found this position, I don't think of it as a "job" but as a "career", the people I work with are so great, I truly feel the wait for a job was worth it, this was waiting for ME!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

{State Bible Drill Trip}

This past weekend our church kiddos went to the State Bible Drill in Arlington, Tx to compete, these kids have worked so hard since January to get to this competition.  I taught bible drill this year and learned right along with these smart kids!! We left last Friday morning, yes, they got to skip school for this, we had so many fun events that were planned for us, here is Hannah with her group, me and another mom were the chaperones for this group of girls, here they are at the hotel, they were so excited, and you will notice that Hannah had a face for every picture, I had to tell her to just smile normal every now and then, ha!

Me and my bland unhappy looking gal, ha! I look terrible here...

The group at Cowboy Stadium, we had a tour, it was so wonderful...

Our big group!

 Hannah doing a hand stand at the stadium, now that's a memory for her! she was thrilled to turn flips right where they play football!

They each had bibles to give to different people along the way, be it at the stadium, restaraunts, hotel, we are teaching them about being witnesses, here is Hannah giving her bible to a tour guide, he was so thankful to receive it, and she was happy to do it!! love that!

At the Rangers baseball game...

And Hannah after she finished her drill, we are beyond thrilled that she was able to do this, she did wonderful, she received a trophy and a certificate, what a great weekend, so many blessings!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am still here, I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted, life has been BUSY!! and this blog was what had to take a backseat.  I have new pictures to download and will do that tomorrow, but for now I am just tired, I will be back tomorrow with the latest and greatest!!