Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Most of us are in the winter season and very content with it, some are tired of it if you have had a rough winter with too much snow, here in East Texas winter isn's too rough and we definently do not get too much snow, we did however have a snow day a week and it was so beautiful. It's nothing for us to be 70 one day and 30 the next, and that my friends makes for some really great sinus/allergy issues!! ha! but that's the way it is. When I am sweating in the summer and hating the triple digits I often long for cooler days, I really enjoy cooler weather, but then after I have had too much cold I start dreaming of spring on occasion. I am real big on trying to enjoy every season, being in the moment and not wishing one away to make room for another, just like holidays, I don't like walking in a craft store in July with shorts and sweat rolling down my face and a jack-o-lantern smiling at me, one occasion at a time please! same as the weather. We are under a winter weather advisory today and just might see some white stuff falling from the sky later on and I will welcome it with some hot choc. and cozy clothes, and happy kids!

But, there is a part of me who is thinking in the spring frame of mind, just a little, not too much, but a little, aren't these pictures darling? and I may just have to copy this basket with the cute little chicks, it's such a happy basket!