Saturday, February 20, 2010

{Sweet Molly-Kate}

If anyone ever wanted to say my life was boring I could sure call their bluff! yesterday my 5 yr. old niece had to be taken by ambulance to Childrens Hospital in Little Rock, she had complained of her heart beating fast, that led to doctorr and then the ER, they ran some test, she was hooked up to IV with meds to slow heart rate down, the EKG came back looking as if there was a problem, they then sent those test to LR for an opinion and sure enough they said they needed to see her there, so they load the little precious thing up and take her to LR, I took Mad. and John and everyone else followed to LR, long story short she has WPW, you can look it up if curious, she will take meds. for it and when she turns 6 she can have a procedure to fix it. They released her last night and they stayed in a hotel for the night, we are soooo thankful that this did not turn out to be anything more serious, God surely watches over us doesn't he.