Monday, June 30, 2008

love that new carpet smell...

our new carpet looks great, we spent most of the weekend doing that, and cleaning out the garage, it was a very productive weekend, love those, so exhilirating! Yesterday we went bowling, Cameron went with a friend down the street and after he left Jim said that sounded like fun, so we jumped in the car and surprised them, Cameron was like what are yall doing here??? we got a lane right beside them and had a blast! I cooked a roast in the crock pot and I made a green bean casserole for lunch yesterday, it was such a good meal. Not much on the to do list this week, so far... it's a short week so that's a good deal, we're trying to get some plans for the 4th, and I am going to make Hannah a shirt, I love the 4th of July! and I am working on a menu for whatever we do, well, I need to go, the kiddos are being naughty!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hi Friends

Is everyone has hot as we are here?? 100 degrees to be exact! my ferns are getting very dry and I am having to water them more than normal, they are thirsty! we are getting new carpet tomorrow in the bedrooms and I am waaay excited, it's way overdue! so, when the kiddos go home today we will start moving things out of the closets and the breakables, the installers will take care of the furniture tomorrow, they will be here between 10-12 and I want to be done with it tonight so we don't have a ton to do tomorrow. We are getting our house ready to put on the market, we have outgrown this home and it's time to upgrade, but..... we have alot of prep. work to do before then and the carpet is the biggest thing so we're getting close, yeah! Other than the carpet we don't have alot planned this weekend, after the carpet is in we then have to put things back and and all that good stuff, so we'll just piddle around here, and I plan to make a few cards, I bought some really fun stuff at Michael's last night and I am ready to dig in to it! Have a good weekend! S

Thursday, June 26, 2008

An oldie but goodie...

I watched this lovely movie last night, I just love it! especially since the remake of it, You've Got Mail is one of my very favorite movies, when I put the movie on Hannah ask if she could watch it with me and I said sure since I knew there would be no filth whatsoever for her little eyes and ears, so as it is starting she ask where the colors were and when I told her there would be none she said "no way am I watching this movie with no colors" so she went to watch tv with her daddy. Anyway, we are doing some water fun today with the kiddos, I have one of those water balls that you sit in the yard and water sprays out, so that will be a fun cool treat for them, and later Hannah has been invited to swim at a friend from her K class, so she is very excited to do that, she keeps asking how much longer. Cameron is still sleeping, he is wore out from all his swimming from the last 2 days, so today he gets to clean his room and do some chores, well I better get, if any of you have any suggestions for any more old movies please tell me because I really want to watch some more!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


let's see, well, first of all my dad had a heart cath. yesterday morning so I was on the phone with my family alot getting info. about that and planning what to do next, so it was a stressful day and I just didn't feel like chatting and I feel alot better this morning and I have total faith in God that we will get his heart issues worked out and do what's best for him. As I said yesterday we went to Austin this weekend to see my brother and his family and we had a really good time, we always have a good time with them, lots of laughing and eating, my sister in law Tarisa is an excellent cook and a great hostess, so we get spoiled on her food!! and of course my sweet niece and nephew Natalie and Asa, they are such adorable children and I don't see them enough but when I do I just love on them!! Cameron is going to the waterpark with a friend this morning and Hannah is going to a movie with her friend, so everyone has an outing today!! they are always so patient being at home with me keeping kids that they enjoy getting out every now and then! and then Hannah has gym. this evening, her fav thing to do!! hehe!! Okay, I ran to Walgreens on Monday evening to get a few things, well, I saw a lady buying groceries!! her cart was piled high, she had eggs, sausage, tons of canned goods... I have never seen anyone actually grocery shop at Walgreens, her son had to carry the paper towels, tp, and all that because it wouldn't fit and those buggies are small! I truly wanted to go up and ask WHY??? maybe I need to get a life but I was truly floored, and so was Jim when I told him. Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures... have a good day and I am going to do the same!! SAll the cousins!

Aunt Stacy with Natalie & Asa!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still here...

didn't want you to think I was MIA, I will post more later, we were in Austin this weekend and got back in late on Sunday and then yesterday was super busy so I haven't had time to download my pictures and to chat so I'll be back later!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stormy morning

I woke up to thunderstorms this morning and it's looking like it will be all day, I know you didn't come to my blog to hear about the weather so let's see, what's going on in our world??? yesterday a.m. I took the kids to storytime at the library and we had a nice time, my kids are big helpers so that makes it easier to take the 3 little ones places, for dinner last night we ordered pizza and my kids and a friend were swimming at the time so when I called them in to eat they ask if they could eat in the playhouse part of their swingset, so anyway, they obviously moved to the trampoline and there was some crust laying on it and word has it that our beagle Kirby climbed the ladder to get to the crust, here's a picture of Kirby in case you don't know him! While this picture was downloading I was starting my to do list, it's getting loooong, so I better go so I can start checking some things off, have a good day! S

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad back & Gladiators

Ohhh, my aching back... I haven't had a lower back ache in a long time and I woke up hurting! I have a history of back problems, but I don't struggle with it like I used to, until today, so I have been taking some Advil and laying on heating pad when the kiddos were sleeping. Having stormy weather today, I enjoy it though, very cozy, it's a break from the hot sun beating in! My daughter has been telling me today that she wants to be an American Gladiator when she's 19, lucky #19 (go figure) she loves to watch it with her dad and bro. I don't participate, haha! she knows all their names and says a guy named "Wolf" is her favorite! I was going to the gym tonight, but not now, gotta get the back better! I am fixing some tilapia for dinner tonight, we like it with some fresh lemon and salt/pepper wrapped in foil, I'll probably cook it in the oven tonight since it's rainy, and baked potatoes, and a veggie. I think I'll start a new book tonight while laying on the heating pad, okay so that's my evening all planned out, what are you guys up to??? tell me, leave me a comment!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend bliss...

yes, that's what it was and it makes me smile to think about it!! the kids left Friday at noon to go out to my sister-inlaws to spend the night, so Friday night Jim and I went and had dinner at Saltgrass , it was nice to just take our time and visit with each other, then we did a little shopping, on Sat. morning we got up and went to run some errands, had some lunch, rested a little that afternoon, I got my dessert ready for dinner at my sil that evening, we then headed out around 3:00. We aren't without our kids very much so it's a nice treat to have some "us" time and it was good for the kids to be with their Aunt T, Uncle John, and cousin Alex, they love to hang with them! So, we had a fun time swimming, hot tubbing, and of course eating, we had brisket, cole slaw, baked beans, stuffed jalapenos, and a coconut cake, yummo!!

Yesterday we went to church, and gave Jim a choice of where he wanted to have lunch so he chose Chinese, after all, it was his day and I hope all the daddy's out there had a great Father's Day!! I had to get a picture of the kids with daddy before church!

Having fun in the pool!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guitar Hero

Last night I walked in the house from the gym and here is what was going on ...
everyone was rockin out!! Cameron's friend down the street brought her guitar hero over and Cameron plays it at her house and wanted to show us his skills, and so Hannah gave it a try! I missed Jim's solo, they were all playing "Slow Ride" so their like "come on mom you try" so I did and when you mess up alot the crowd boos you and of course I got booed, it was pretty funny!
So, Cameron wants one of course, and he has been talking about it lately because the friend he spent the night with on Sunday also has one, we told him Christmas he could ask for one and he said he didn't want to wait that long, unless he can save $80-90 he'll wait for Christmas! we don't buy things like that for our kids except on birthdays and Christmas.

I am drinking coffee, of course, something I do everyday, without fail! and I am out of creamer so I am having to use plain ol milk, that's not very fun, so looks like I need to add that to my list. My kids are starting to get here, so I need to run, have a good one! S

P.S. This is a shout out to my sister Terri, her 3 kiddos have been passing a virus around for the past few weeks and her youngest John (2) now is running fever, so hope today is better for you!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Movie Love...

went to see this movie yesterday... what a cute movie it was! we all loved it, we went to a new theatre and it was so nice, you should have seen us we were sitting there shoving popcorn in our mouths, sipping sodas, having a grand 'ol time!!! I love watching movies with my kids, it's so neat to see things through their eyes, they love it when Jim and I laugh at the silly things they like in the movies, like they show close-ups of the Pandas big booty alot and to them this is some seriously hilarious stuff! Anway, it looks like it may rain today, which would be fine with me, we need to cool things down a bit, I have book club tonight so I am looking forward to that, well, my kiddos are starting to get here so I better get to work, have a great day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Good deals Friday!

We took a trip to the mall this morning, I only have 1 of my daycare kids today so it's easier to go out and do stuff like that, he is like my 3rd kid! anyway, Cameron got some new Converse shoes he has been wanting, he loves them! Disney Store is going out of business and we are BUMMED we love that store, so they are down to the bare minimum and we got some good deals, Hannah got a really cute metal 101 Dalmation lunch box for next year, and then JCP was having a good sale so I got Cameron 3 new t-shirts for $3.97 each, what a steal!!! and Hannah got new shirt/shorts. Then we went to McD's for lunch, they ate and played, had a good time and then since we've been home I put the little one down for his nap and we have just been watching some tv and relaxing. I am going to the gym a little later, gotta get a workout in! anyway, that's about it for now I am parched, I need a glass of peach tea, wanna join me? wish you could my friends, have a good weekend!!


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Just wanted to say a quick hello, I have a really bad sinus headache this morning and not feeling real chatty so just to catch up a little... the kids had their last day of school yesterday, so today is officially the first day of summer vacation for us! Cameron is still sleeping, Hannah hasn't been up long and I only have 1 of my daycare kids today, so when I made a trip to the grocery store last night I stocked up on popsickles and kool-aid and other various snacks to start off with, my kids can eat their weight in popsickles, they won't last long, until next time have a great day!

P.S. next blog I will tell you about the bird nest outside my kitchen window!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Sex and the City!! what a good movie it was! I went Saturday with some girlfriends and then went and had some dinner afterwards, what a fun Sat. evening with the ladies! that was really the hi-lite of my weekend, yesterday I was very tired all day, so I took a nap, and we just layed around ALL day like a bunch of bums! Jim fixed some shrimp fettucine alfredo and some french bread for dinner last night and it was very good, and I fixed an apple cobbler for dessert and it was good too :) I did bake some choc. chip blondies on Sat. afternoon, and the new crockpot recipe I was fixing on Fri. was not a winner, you sprinkle stove top stuffing on top of the chicken and cheese and the stuffing was just a goopy mess, so we just didn't eat that, the chicken was tasty though, so that recipe will not go in my book! The kids last day of school is Wed. so they are not really doing alot these next few days, I can't believe it's June already, like I said the other post time is flying by, too fast for me, sometimes it makes me sad when I think of my kids getting older, I want to freeze time, but all in all I have a great life, nothing to complain about, a great family, and when I do start to obsess about things I just think about how happy my kids are and how much they love life, and that tells me that Jim and I are being the best parents we can be. I am not a mushy person, but I think it's the end of a school year and I just get this way. Oh well, anyway, it's going to be another hot day, as usual, I am knee deep in laundry but, I am working on it, Hannah has gym. tonight, I need to go to the gym after that and that's about it for now, have a good Monday!