Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad blogger, bad!

Good grief I'm bad! but hey, my life is really out of whack these days, as if you readers out there don't already know that, ha! Anywho, we started VBS at church yesterday and we are having sooo much fun, we had the kick off block party on Sunday night with bounce houses, games, face painting, snacks and a scavenger hunt at the end which Cameron, Hannah, and Madeline participated in and they had fun running all over the church campus in their groups looking for clues!!!!! And on Sat. we had Molly-Kate's 5th birthday party complete with a water slide, snowcones, popcorn and cupcakes, the kids had a ball, so needless to say we had a busy weekend, but it was full of excitement!!! I am trying to get some pictures up for you, so hopefully I'll have that done in a couple of hours!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Feeling mighty chipper...

today, yes I am, we're leaving on Sat. morning for Tex. I was able to get Cameron out of school a couple of days early(he has been in Tier II which ends Tues. ) I am so over the driving back and forth, I drive a 100 miles a day folks, yeah that's alot!!! I am so happy! we are getting excited about starting our summer!!! we plan on doing alot of fun stuff, okay here goes: swimming, going to the park, eating popsickles & snowcones (courtesy of our awesome snow cone maker) going to the $1 summer movies (you know how I loooove going to the movies with my kiddos) barbques with our family, playing with our cousins, and whatever else comes our way!!!!

Let's hear it for SUMMER!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I didn't realize it's been a week since I last posted, not much going on with us right now, I mean there is always stuff happening but nothing to big to tell!!! Hannah spent the night with her friend in Corinth last night so I won't get her until this afternoon, and after I took Cameron to school me & my mother in/law and went and did some shopping at Walmart, she wanted to outfit 2 bathrooms for us so we got towels, rugs, shower curtains, liners, rings... I am really excited to set up house again!! I know I haven't posted any pictures in a while, but my usb cord was lost in the flood and I need to get a new one, I keep forgetting to pick one up!! We move to Tex. a week from tomorrow, we'll all be in the same town again, how weird will that be??? we have lived apart since Feb. wow! that is a long time!!!! well I better get, Kirby is outside barking crazy loud at the cat next door, between the cats and the squirels he is a busy dog!!!!