Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Laaaaazy dog...
Boy tasting fried taters...

Girl taking a swig...

Gotta love the stomach virus, NOT!! my dear husband started it last week, Cameron picked up on it Sun. night and missed 2 days of school, and last night it came to visit me! sheesh, but I am on the mend just weak. To lighten the mood I need to do another one of my "list"

I am so for fall weather I can barely stand it, bring on the cool weather

Ready for some new yummy recipes to try out

Wanting to get my crafty mojo going again, I am getting there... tell ya more later

looooove Halloween, it is one of my favs. can't wait to decorate

Need to get back to Dallas to visit our friends and family, how much fun it will be

I am loving some of the new fall shows, and can't wait for the 2 news ones tonight

I know I have more, I am just getting sleepy and am going to lay my head back on my pillow and snuggle up, I am having some broth for dinner tonight with some more soda crackers, I know, your jealous, but I need to give my tummy some TLC! I told Jim to pick up Wendy's or something for them, until later! S

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I never said this was a good happy blog all the time because this is real life and sometimes I need to express my feelings, which are not always happy and good. I am suffering, I feel so broken inside at times, it just sucks me in and I can't seem to get out, I feel as I am in a box of strange feelings, and not good ones. I miss my old life, I do like my new one, don't get me wrong, I just mourn my old town, my old house, yard, neighbors, my old friends, my old routine, my old church, my kids old schools, my old Walmart, my old mall, my old everything. I know this is normal, I lived in Corinth for 12 years, my kids were born in the Dallas area, I was there for 17 years, met my sweet husband there, lived my whole adult life there and I am really trying to get my life going here in Texarkana, it's a slow process... It's strange, I don't sit around crying and moping, it's the down deep feeling in my soul, the one that only I know about, only I feel, you don't see it, only I feel it, all by myself. My husband and I talk about it, and he understands, he listens to me and cares about it, he is my anchor, and I love that man with all my heart. This feels so good to talk about this, it's freeing to get it all out there, I am so not ashamed to speak about this, I need to.

I love having my family at my fingertips, love having my sweet nieces and nephew to where I can see them when I want, love that my kids have quick access to their cousins and family, love that we can pop over to each others houses, love that my mom and I shop during the day when the kids are at school, love that I can have lunch at my mamaws house and visit with her, time with her is precious and I realize the importance of it, love that you can't put a price on being near your family.

I will get it together eventually, it will happen, I can't make it happen, can't force it, or dwell on it, I am just trusting in God that he will calm my heart and put more sunshine in it, that I will feel that complete feeling again, all in time, all in time...

Monday, September 21, 2009

{New Fall Shows on Monday Night}

I am sooo excited about my sitcoms coming back and new ones also! I have always loved the Monday night shows, so exciting....... How I Met your Mother
Accidentially on Purpose

Two and a half Men

Big Bang Theory
P.S. and I musn't forget CSI Miami at 9!

Friday, September 18, 2009

{Friday Fun}

I hope everyone has had a good week, can't believe it's already Friday! We are just about to have our apartment complete, the kids furniture came in yesterday (finally) and I got my new fun red chair, oh, I just love it, I am going to post pictures real soon for you to see all our new stuff! This raining business is getting old, seriously, we need no more, or we'll need to build an ark! ha! but the good thing is a cold front is moving in early next week and I can hardly wait, i just love fall, did yall know that???? I have gotten some decor out already, the kids are already talking about what they want to be for Halloween, I love it love it!!! We are going to eat some mexican food tonight with my mom & Wayne, so we're looking forward to that, have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{I'm thinking fall...}

i haven't tried these, but I hear they are goooood, pumpkin spice kisses, oh can you just imagine the yummiess (get excited) Target has just put them out and I am going as soon as I can...
Cuteness, cuteness, found these on Bakerellas blog, she is truly the queen of goodies, these are cake pops, I think the kids and I are definently going to have to make these...

Monday, September 14, 2009

I have really been having a time with my blog, I had a lady who was doing a new header for me, then she ran into some coding problems with the template and basically quit on me, ha! anyway, I have been trying to straighten it all out and it has been a pain, so the look now will have to do, that is until I decide to change again... and I still have some fixing to do! :(

Friday, September 11, 2009

myth, mother, cycle, charm...

are just a few of the words that have been floating around our house, both the kids have spelling test today and we gotta make sure they remember the tough ones!! as for me, I am organizing today, we just don't have alot of room around here and I am having to get creative, but I am at a point I need some storage bins so that means I need to run down to Dollar General and get some... I really didn't want to get out today but I have a real mess around here and it HAS to be fixed!!! Tonight we are resuming "family movie night" we are watching "Race to Witch Mountain" , we voted and are having lasagna for dinner and bananas foster for dessert, so it will be alot of fun, can't wait!!!!! :)

Cameron has football practice in the morning and Hannah is going to a spa birthday party for a friend in her class, Jim has to work, so sounds like a pretty normal Saturday for me, but, we do get to sleep in, which we all loooove! well, guess I need to run my errand, break time is over!!!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend fun...

Cousins are the are fish fry's...
Mr. Jere is the king of frying fish, hush puppies, french fries,
and of course cole slaw & beans...

lots of family and friends...

a little horseshoe...

silly faces...
kids with cameras...
cute poses...
so thankful for such great friends and family and
for such good times!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

This n' that!!!

I know, bad blogger again! Well mom's surgery went well, no problems, she is home and healing.
This past week was just off for our family, but we are loving our 3 day weekend! Cameron had his first tackle football practice this morning and he did really well, his number is #1, his team is the Raiders, and we are looking forward to our adventures in football this fall, we took him to Play it Again Sports yesterday and had him fitted for all his gear, so he is all ready to play! Go Cameron!!! Jim and I also ordered our "Cameron's Mom" & Dad shirts from the team mom, don't make fun of us, it's just what you do!!! ha! Been watching some college football today, Yeah Notre Dame Fighting Irish!!! 35-0, my hubby loves them, so I join in and show my support too! and right now we're watching a few games at one time, Jim flips around and checks all the scores and I am just sittin here talking to you guys! I have some ulcers on the tip of my tongue that hurt!!!! what's up with that???? I made some white choc. macadamia cookies today and they are a winner, Jim gave them a 10! they are so good! yummo!

Hannah is in her room watching tv and Cameron is just getting out of the shower and Kirby is behind the couch flapping his ears, getting on my nerves. Well, now Jim is asking C if he wants to play some Halo on the ol' xbox 360, but acutally C wants to play dirtbikes but J doesn't, sooooooo.... they are now debating what to play????????????????
So, that is a play by play of what is going on in the Loggins house at the moment, and ya know, I love our routine and our lives, I just adore my precious family, love em' to pieces!!