Monday, June 27, 2011


I came across this free printable on a website and immediately knew I had plans for it, the colors will be perfect in our bedroom, I am going to have it enlarged at Walmart and put it in a pretty frame that I will buy at Goodwill,  I am so excited about this simple find, the message is so wonderful, I  will surely look at it everyday and truly count my blessings!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

{All over the place kinda Stuff}

This is one of those all over the place kind of posts, no rhyme or reason, just stuff!! ha
I noticed that Hannah had taken some pictures of Kirby with his beloved "bear", he has loved this thing for years now, he gets a good grip of it in his mouth and goes to sleep, everyone thinks its so funny, we are used to it, we love our Kirb Kirb.

This is the banana pudding cake I made for Father's Day for Jim, he loves banana pudding and I had seen this recipe all over blogland and knew I had to try it, sooo wonderful, it was a hit, look how pretty it is, it actually looks like a trifle, in fact after making this I started looking for more trifle recipes to make, the possibilities are endless.

Yall know how much I love my Scentsy, LOVE IT!! well these are Scentsy Buddies, how cute are they??? I want one, as I was looking through the catalog I saw Mollie Monkey, my lil niece is Molly-Kate and I am thinking she needs this little guy,

And my Hannah girl looked through the catalog and said she wants Ribbert the Frog, love those adorable names,  I just started my Christmas list... I have decided that when we move I will need to get a new warmer for the back of the house, I already have a list made of the scents I want.

I have been under the weather since yesterday, not sure exactly what it is, lots of MS stuff, few other things, I have felt terrible, hopefully some new meds will help me out, I really want to feel better for church tomorrow, we are visiting a new one and I really like it and can't wait to go back, I am being positive, no more feeling bad, maybe I need to keep chanting that! ha

Jim is working today so my mom came and got the kids so they can hang with them for the day, I just need some peace and quiet, and they enjoy being with their mimi and papa Wayne.  It's really quiet around here, I am propped up on the couch with a glass of peach tea, Kirb is in his bed,  I may nap in a bit, whatever it takes to feel better. 

I am so excited about moving, I am going crazy with so many ideas and I can't wait to start putting then in place, I went to Hob Lob the other day for one thing and thanks to the 80% off sale,  I got a couple more things and I am thrilled about them, thrilled!!!

Well peeps that's all I got for now!! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

{Picture Catch-up}

I am playing picture catch up, finally!!  This is our trip to Shreveport LA at the boardwalk!

 Hannah and Molly-Kate posing by the water

 My guys...

 They loved their root beer bottles... haha!

 Me and my man,

Terri and me!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Summer Stuff}

Let's see, what have we done so far this summer that is fun??? well, I have seen so many lists in blogland about summer activites and I will not be posting one, but I have my list in my special folder, it's my go to folder for plans, ideas, quick thoughts, that's another post for ya! Anway, we swim alot, almost everyday, once we move we can still come back and swim we have so many friends here who we can be their guests and our new house is just under a mile away.  We went for snowcones Tues. night, they were so good, just the right things to cool us off!! the kids have each spend the night with friends, H went to her cousins Luau birthday party, we went to Shreveport Louisiana on Sat. and had dinner on the boardwalk at Joe's Crabshack and then went to the Chocolate Crocodile for some wonderful choc. oh my! is all I can say, yumi goodness in that store! I will show some pictures soon, this computer does not some abilities and our other computer is still on the fritz, so Jim is going to bring me an adapter home so I can download some pics!   Also, we have had alot of fun running errands together, we love going to WMart and grocery shopping, they love to give their input on what we need, sometimes I have to shoot then down, we don't need all junk, ha!  I love those kids of mine so much, they make me laugh, aggrevate me, smart off,  like normal kids do! I love soaking in every moment,  they are growing up so fast,  I am not missing a thing, precious moments watching them interact with each other, with their friends, really looking into their sweet faces and it melts my heart every time. 

In awhile we are going for them to get haircuts, then to Albertsons to take advantage of their good sale, then to Target for a precscription, printer ink and dog treats, and that is our afternoon in a nutshell, and spagetti is on the menu for dinner tonight,   I love taking care of this precious family of mine, I truly feel it's the absolute most important thing ever!!!  Happy Summer Days!!~ 
      I think this little owl is just darling!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Dreading Father's Day}

With Father's Day approaching I am kinda dreading it, this will be my first FD without my sweet daddy, I can still remember last years and we had so much fun, I remember it so clearly, the laughs, the special lunch we had, the desserts he loves, I am certainly glad to have those wonderful memories, but it really saddens me to celebrate this day without him.  I want to celebrate my husband and make it special for him on behalf of my children, and I do have some fun things in mind,  it just won't be the same, I do plan to visit his grave, oh how I hate saying that, it doesn't sound right, I miss him so much.  I went to his grave on Easter and it's just so painful, feelings are still so raw, there are times I want to avoid really sad situations because it can literally be so painful, my whole body hurts, sometimes I just can't do it.  Overall, I am doing good, but when I start thinking too much about when he was sick or about the night he past away I just fall apart, but I am handling it better than I thought I would, I rely on my God for strenth, he is the best shoulder to cry on, is always there, and is a constant source of love and support, and that is enough for me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

{Dog Days}

It has been so painfully hot here, I hate it, today is high 80's, so that's a relief but I do not like triple digits, no way!!  Besides swimming in the pool we have not done anything exciting, we have been pretty bored to be honest with you, my mind is really set on moving, which should be no later than the 15th of July, we cannot wait to have a yard again, so is Kirby, haha!  Mine and J computer has been on the fritz, so we are all using the kids computer, the place we took it too said it cannot be fixed, it's not 2 yrs. old yet and we have had bad experience with it, it's a Gateway, then we were told it can be fixed, so we are waiting to get it fixed, what a pain!  Anywho, that is about it from me, I will write more when I actually have something worth while to say!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011



hearing your kids at the pool say "watch mom, look at me"

a great conversation with your s/law who you haven't talked to in awhile.

watching Hannah and her cousins running with their beach towels like they are capes and laughing all the way.

taking Cameron to youth group at church on Wed. night, so thankful for his sweet heart.

while I am working, Hannah cracks the door and hands me a miniature size candy bar as if to say "you deserve a treat mom"

a great husband who you love so much and makes you laugh.

being able to work from home, such a blessing.

planning how to decorate our new home, such great ideas I have swarming in my head.

a cute little beagle dog named Kirby who loves to go for walks and ride in the car.

making brownies for your family and how happy they are when you serve them a slice, it's the little things and they make me sooo happy!!