Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{Same ol' same ol'}

So this week so far has been uneventful, that's why I haven't posted, nothing to report that you would want to hear, Jim left this afternoon for Dallas, he has company meetings and won't be back until late Thurs. but he gets to spend time with his mom, going to a Ranger game tomorow night, so we will miss our daddy but everyone needs to get away every now and then. Hannah is at gymnastics, Cameron playing with a friend, I keep my cousins baby on Tuesdays, so I did that today and she is just precious, I am extremely tired, I know your tired of hearing it, but my MS gives me fits sometimes and I get so tired I feel like I am on sleeping pills, it's a real drag to feel that tired, I didn't sleep much Sunday night because I had restless legs, it's just something I deal with, it could be worse you know. Oh, and I am not cooking while Jim is away, I am all cooked out, so a 2 day break will be nice, the kids can survive on mac and cheese and spaghetti o's, they actually prefer that kind of stuff anyway, I just don't prefer it too much! ha
Cameron had his math TAKS today and he felt okay about it, he gets to use a calculator since he has Dyslexia, so that helps him alot! I prayed for him today, he tries so hard, bless his sweet little 12 year old heart! One of my favorite new shows is on tonight and it's not a re-run, The Good Wife, it's always re-running, so I am looking forward to that, well I better get Cameron rounded up so we can go get sister from gym. Have a good evening!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just finished this book, it's a great read, DS is my favorite writer!! I highly recommend this book!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

{I got the blues}

I hate it when the "blues" set in, they just come from no where and surprise you, and they weren't even invited, what's with that? maybe it's these allergies with the nose blowing, coughing, sneezing, and all that fun stuff, or it's my MS that creeps in and gives me heck, it's got to be the tingling sensation on the back of my head, very annoying, or my monthly issues that I told you about last month that are back a little too soon and are not good, in fact a doctor visit will definently happen in the next 2 weeks to discuss that little issue. The kids went to work with daddy today, it's take your kid to work day at their school and to say they were excited is an understatement, they are ready to work, we'll see how that goes! ha and me, well I do need to run to the grocery store, we need stuff, as usual, always needing stuff. As for this wreath here, it's an Oregano wreath and I think it's just lovely, I need some lovely about now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This boy, my son Cameron is growing up on me, just turned 12, enjoys riding his bicycle, playing football, golf, riding his dirt bike, playing Xbox, and playing with his friends. I am so proud of him, Love you Cameron!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

{Weekend so far...}

*Friday evening started with taking Cameron to spend the night with a friend, I made homemade pizza and Hannah and I watched "Secrets of the Mountain" it was on NBC and it's the first of family movie night movies, Walmart & P&G are sponsoring it and we just loved it, the next one is in July! and as you guys know, we really enjoy movie night at our house!

*Saturday started with us just hanging around the house, then we ran to Albertsons to get some steaks for dinner, we invited my dad over and Jim grilled steaks, we had baked potatoes and green beans, and for dessert I made an apple pie pizza, it was good, but it was my first time to make it and I make my dough in the bread maker, like I did on Fri. night, anyway, it was good but the crust needs to be thinner next time for a dessert pizza.

*This morning, church, had a "whatever" lunch and then Hannah had a date at the mall with Papa and Cameron and I went to the hospital to visit my Mama, who is doing much better by the way :) and then Hannah has choir at 6 so I am just chillin for awhile before that, and for now that about wraps it up!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

{Too much changing}

I know I'm doing too much changing here lately, but I am finally pleased! Hannah is getting better, went back to school yesterday, but still on predisone and breathing treatments, but other than that she's better! My mamaw is back in the hospital with the same bacterial infection as last time, it didn't totally get out of her system and it hit her hard yesterday, so they put her back in and she is on some really strong antibiotics, so prayers for my sweet mamaw, she just turned 89 last week!!! The weather is getting really warm these days, it feels good out, I am just not ready for the extreme hot too soon, we get really warm in these parts, ha! Jim and Cameron just ran to Wal-Mart to get C some new tires for his bicycle, he rides his bike pretty hard and has worn his tires out, they needed a little outing, Hannah just got out of the tub and we are getting ready to dry her hair and then do a little reading, and I am watching QVC, I really love to watch it, I never buy anything I have just always enjoyed watching it, I did buy a Wilton cookie press about 8 years ago and that thing is a big ol' pain, I have no clue where it is! anyway, I am rambling now, have a good evening!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi friends! not too much going on around here, Hannah is home sick again, the breathing treatments, steroids, cough syrup, allergy meds. poor girl has had a rough go of it for the past 2 months, we get better and then down hill again, she started back up this weekend and she was at school for maybe an hour when the nurse called to basically say "your kid is barking like a seal and disrupting the class and you should really come and get her" so, I call the doctor and they wanted to see her this time so we went and it's basically allergy related so we're loaded up on meds. and hopefully will get better. She is really hyper because of the breathing treatments and steroids, but I sent her to her room a little while ago to rest and just hang out, she doesn't need to be jumping around and running out of breath.

Let's see, what else? oh we went to my sis's house on Sat. night and cooked out on their firepit, the kids roasted hot dogs, we grilled chicken and all that good stuff and then we had smores, I mean you can't have a fire without the smores!! we had a blast, they have a big backyard with all kinds of things to do, trampoline (we miss ours :( swingset, riding toys, so they all played their hearts content, and we sat around the firepit and laughed and had a good time, it was a perfect night! we love to hang out with the Cunningham crew!
Okay, I need to eat some lunch, I'm hungry and I am sure Miss Hannah will be asking for some in awhile also!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am really into decorating with birdhouses, birds and topiaries for spring and summer, my inspiration comes from Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs, I used things I already had, some needed painting, and I made the topiaries, this was a new project for me and I was happy with the results. I don't have a mantle here in our apt. so I use my bar and coffee table for focal points to decorate, I do miss a mantle, but that's okay we'll have one again. Happy Spring!

Friday, April 9, 2010

{Oh the Deals}

*Edit* for KellIy's Korner Money Saving Tips!!!
I stock up when a store is having a big sale on an item we eat/use at all times, I also find coupons for the items I am going to buy on sale and get even more $$ off, I also take my competing store ads to Wal-Mart and they match the price and it has saved me so much $, my kids are 12 & 8 and are eating us out of house and home! ha Just yesterday for instance Albertsons had a sale on select GM cereal for $1.49 and I bought 6 boxes and had coupons for some of them and paid .74 for some, wow was I happy!! I am loving seeing how much $ I can save!

Can you hear my squeal with delight? Albertsons is having their coupon craze sell and they are full of awesome deals, I had just gone to Walmart on Wed. and bought full groceries, but... when I got the ad in the mail that night about this sale I knew I had to go, you see I am trying to get a bit of a food storage going, meaning, when I find things on sale that we use on a regular basis I buy it because I will eventually need it, so why not buy it when it's at it's cheapest!!! I had to re-do my pantry and freezer to make room but it is so worth it! here is a list of what I bought:

2 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce
Box of Quacker oatmeal
Aunt Jemima Pancake mix
Aunt J Syrup
2 Quaker oat squares
Quaker break. bars
4 boxes Quaker cereal
24 oz. Pace Picante sauce
4 packs of Kool-Aid drinks
6 pk coke & sprite
8 yoplait yogurts
2 boxes hot pockets
1 box jolly rancher popsickles
6 pounds of chicken breast
sargento cheese
All this for $$$$54.47 I saved $$$$67.73
I nearly fell out, this made my day for sure & when she printed my receipt I also got a coupon from Midas for an oil change, tire rotation, and inspection for $26.99 again, nearly fell out because Jim and I both need an oil change, so we now have 1 for free, he was pretty darn excited when I called to share my good news, he does like my thriftiness and money saving skills!! ha
So, if you have an Albertsons near you, check this sale out!!! Have a great weekend friends!!
Hugs, Stacy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{the last of Easter}

making sure everyone got some eggs...
lots of good food, and there was more on the other side!

the kids table! love those sweet things!

and I love this picture of Hannah, we sponge rolled her hair and she slept on them and here she is looking at her basket with sleepy eyes!

Monday, April 5, 2010

{Easter Fun Part 2}

My nephew John posing for his Aunt Stacy

My cousin Loren and her family

My gang

My sister and her family

All the cousins, so adorable in their Easter best!

Cameron and Hannah

My little beauty

Cameron's goodies

Hannah's basket

The kid are cracking their "cascarones" confetti filled eggs from
Aunt Tarisa, to say they loved them would be an understatement!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

{Easter Fun Part 1}

Dying eggs

The results

A little decor

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today is the MS walk and me and my family are participating, we are Stacy's Sidekicks!!!! for those of you who don't know, I have MS and this walk means alot to me!! Wish us luck, the weather is gorgeous!! yeah!!!