Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just a quick post, my dad had a heart attack on Wed. and has been in ICU in critical condition, but is making great improvements, please pray for our family!! Thanks, Stacy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{When kids take pictures}

self portraits...
just keeping it real folks

peeping Cameron

another portrait...

abusing the furniture...

cuddling KC...

goofy girl...
And this girl is home today with swollen tonsils, no fever, just some pain and drainage, so she is gargling with salt water and taking some OTC's, gotta get her better for her party on Sat.
She came home around 1 yesterday from school and has been watching Witches of Waverly Place non stop for 2 days now, I have memorized this particular episode, (she dvr'd it) and watches it all day!!!! she takes care of her Webkinz, rests some, eats, and drinks Gatorade. I have been doing alot of heavy house cleaning this morning, feels good to get that done! Well, I need to dry my hair now or it will get too wavy!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sometimes, when your feeling kinda blue or you need your spirits lifted

looking at things that are pleasing to the eye

can refresh your soul

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am still around, I have been a little under the weather this week but I am feeling much better now. Not too much going on here to report, I am getting ready for Miss Hannah's 8th birthday party on the 30th of this month. We are having it at a nail salon and the girls get mani/pedi and she is really excited! I had intentions of making her invitations but with my feeling bad I decided to go ahead and buy the fill in kind, it's really a crime for me to do that, I always make my kids invites, but that's okay they are really cute! ha! and she could care a less! we are not doing a theme party per se, I got her some really cute party supplies at Michaels for .50 a piece, it was in a big clearance area and I immediately snagged everythings, plates, napkins, candles, goody bags, invites, tablecloth, okay so I took a picture of it all and here it is!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

{The ignored toy}

You see this barbie glamour jet, isn't is neat? don't you just love it? don't you wish you could play with it? Well, let me tell you the story, get a cup of coffee and kick back awhile, it all started when I saw this listed on the BlackFriday website that Kohl's would have these for $29.99 reg. price is $79.99 wow that is HUGE right? And I am like oh yeah that's it I'm getting that for Hannah, she never asked for it but I knew she would like it, now the deal is Kohl's was opening at 4:00 this year, but that's okay it's worth it, so on Tuesday I called our K and ask about this product and they said they had never seen them and couldn't promise they would have them because not every store has everything the ad offers, okay crap, I am not getting up at 3:15 to be busting through the door for nothing, so I called the corp. office, man I am desperate at this point, they checked the system and said my K would have 10 for Friday and that they may not have unloaded the specials truck and logged everything in yet, but yes they would have 10 of them. I am so happy at this point and have total reason to bust through the door at 4 a.m. like a freaking maniac. Ok so I am sooooo excited about this , I got to K at 3:30 and had a really good place in line, pretty close to the front, but still kinda nervous about it, my sis also met me there, we were fired up, the girl behind me says she wants a jet, I'm like "me too" and I am thinking that if I had to trip her to get mine, well, I would! ha! J/K anyway, doors open, we run in, and there they are in the middle of the aisle, all 10 of them, and I lunged for it, and got it, yes I did, and the box was huge and I held that box like it was gold, my sis grabbed one also in the spirit of things and so did the gal behind us, it was truly a euphoric moment, people would ask us through the store where we got it and of course there were no more left and we were so proud. So we finished our shopping and went to other stores. Then K started showing it on their commercials and I would point it out to H to get a reaction and she did love it, good deal eh? The deal is I was a huge Barbie player, I had to quit playing in 7th grade because I was entering the youth group at church and I was just getting too old for them, sad sad day it was. My sis and I had everything barbie and set up played for days straight, we had the good stuff too, cars, plazas, swimming pools, camper... so needless to say I heart Barbie. Move ahead Christmas day and she was totally pumped when she saw what Santa had brought, and guess what????? she has played with it maybe 3 times since, nuff said, I am crushed beyond words, I may have to force her to play with it on my behalf, she said she likes it, but I'm not so sure, she loves the Wii. Poor Barbie Glamour Jet I worked so hard to get you, I'm sorry...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

{Ramblings about nothing}

I've got the "don't wannas" but, I have alot of things to do, I mean what kind of stay at home wife/mom sits on her couch all morning with a cup of coffee, reading blogs with her night pants, a t-shirt and... my ugg boots (the fake ones) I wore this to take Cameron to school and I look a-m-a-z-i-n-g really, I do, in fact I wear this getup most mornings, don't judge me people!!!! I need to pick up my vacum cleaner and that's another post by the way, go to grocery store, and make a few phone calls, you know, take care of life. I am really ticked at my dog, when I got back from school I saw he had gotten in the trash and eaten the sandwich that I had thrown away from C lunch yesterday that he decided not to eat, it was laying on the top of the trash, and somehow K new that, and some paper towels shredded up, an old coffee filter with grounds all over the place, what a mess, sooooo, I said some stuff under my breath **!& and yelled at him, the dude was sleeping on his sister's bed like he owned the place, I got his butt off the bed, and called him a bad dog, oh he knew what I was talking about, and I sent him to his bed, he literally tucked his tail between his legs and went. Okay, I really need to hop in the shower and get this show on the road, but I need just a little more coffee, but I promise I won't sit back down on the couch and read any more blogs!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{This n' That}

I forgot to tell you about some of the movies that I watched over the holidays, I think I was the only person who had not seen Marley and Me, but I rented it and it was so good, even though the ending was sad it by no means ruined the movie, I would watch it again. Second, Julie & Julia, ooooh, how I loved that movie so much I think it may be one of my top movies, it made me feel happy and made me want to kick up my culinary skills. Third, the day after Christmas my sister, her m.inlaw, and sis/inlaw all went with the intentions of seeing "It's Complicated" but they were sold out and since we were already out we couldn't just go back home so we checked to see what was coming up in the next 30 min. and we ended up seeing "Have you Heard About The Morgans" with SJP & Hugh Grant, and it was a great movie also, we had a great time! I am so excited about Idol starting back up tonight, Hannah starts gym. back up tonight and they have moved to a new location so that will be interesting, so right after H gets done at 7:15 we have to hurry home for Idol!!!! Also, I haven't heard back from the vacum cleaner shop, I am curious as to what the verdict is???? ha! my house needs to be vacumed by darn!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanks for your compliments on my goodwill makeover, I tell ya, I have definently been bitten by the craft bug, I could barely sleep last night for thinking about some of the things I found on a new blog I read right before bed. Like I said before, I am waiting on the temps. to rise a bit so I can start some serious spray painting, my mind is spinning with ideas and I am soooo excited about them. The movie we watched on Fri. was so good, we all enjoyed it, we just stayed around here this weekend, too cold to do anything else, it was nice though. Yesterday was my mother's bd so we celebrated at my mamaw's house, I made her an apple spice cake and if I do say so myself it was really good, it was perfect with a cup of coffee on such a cold day, mom really enjoyed her little party, she didn't want us spending alot of $$ on her so we all made her some fun crafts and she loved them!! Oh, and I screwed up our vacum cleaner this weekend, I was vacuming the stairs and I obviously shoved an attachment too tight on to the hose and now we can't get it off, we have tried everything it won't come off, Jim was really proud of me for possibly ruining our new vc, so with my tail between my legs I took it to a repair shop this morning and they will see what they can do, I told J that when I left the men in there were probably like "how in the hell did she do this"????? ha! anyway, that's my story and I have got nothing else for now!!! Happy Monday...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


After looking at so many blogs about going to Goodwill and getting things to turn into something better, I joined in and went this week with my mother and we had a good time with the possibilities. I got about 8 items for a whopping $9, here is my first redo: drumroll please Who is John Randall you may ask??? I don't know, but from the looks he was probably born in the 80'S... HA!

And now it belongs to my Hannah with a "H"

It's something she can hang her little purses and hats on, I am so pleased with the way it turned out, it's a simple project, I primed it, and then just painted it white with some acrylic paint, the H was found in the Target $ spot and it's actually a magnet and I just hot glued it on, roughed up the edges a bit with a pumice stone since I had no sandpaper, even though you can't really see the rough edges, and that's it. I have more stuff I am dying to do, but they require spraypaint and well, it's just too darn cold to be outside, this not having a garage thing has it's negative moments, oh well, it's supposed to be in the 40's mid week so I'll wait for that!! So, tell me what you guys think of my project??????

Friday, January 8, 2010

{Meatballs & Pizza}

I am really excited about watching this cute movie tonight, I stopped by Red Box and there it was, love RB btw! The kids are going to be soooo excited when they see that I got it. Jim called and said he heard that Pizza Hut has a special going on right now for any size/topping for $10, so I think that's what we'll have for dinner, pizza and a movie sounds alright with me!! it is so cold out that I had no intentions of running around town this weekend anyway, so movies are the thing, it was 12 degrees this morning on the way to school, unbelieveable!! I knew it was going to be a lazy cozy weekend, so the cupboards are full, the house is pretty clean (it's never that perfect with my kiddos, the pigs! ha) so that's our plans as of now, nothing! I have a project that I can't wait to show you, I'll post it later when I get it just right!!! Stay warm, Stacy

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Okay, it is so cold, and after all the warnings it better drop something from the sky soon, seriously, they say it hasn't been this cold for this long in 14 years, wow!!!
So, I am ready to "hunker down" if you will????? I have some craft projects I can do, some more organizing, reading, and then I'll be scratching to get out the door because the kids will have driven me completely crazy, of course they are very aware of the "warnings" we are under and are keeping their little fingers crossed they don't have to go to school tomorrow, so we'll see. Today mom and I got out and ran around town, we are really good at that, had some lunch at Chick-fil-A and great conversation and lots of laughter, love that mom of mine soooo much!
In the midst of all this cold the kids are out playing with all the other kids like it's a nice spring day, I am cold just watching them, we live in the courtyard area of our apts. and it has a playground so I can see them outside my window so it works out great, they play ball, run around, ride scooters, it's the ideal area to live in here, and when they come in their cheeks are beet red, ears are frozen, can't feel feet, noses running, you get the picture, and they don't even complain about it, I'm the one complaining for them!! ha! kids are tough. Anywho, that's about it for now, later friends!

Monday, January 4, 2010

{Routine denial}

Well this is the last day of Christmas break and I am really bummed about it, we have been sleeping so late, going to bed late and just being plain irresponsible!!!! but is has been sooooo nice not to have a schedule, I am such a schedule person that I can't believe I don't want this to end, what is MY deal????? Someone has to be the responsible one here and get all this back in order and I guess that would be me huh? so, with that said, the kids are gonna grump and whine when I tell them to pick up everything that's their's and take it to their rooms, clean the rooms, and their bathroom cause I ain't touching that one!! haha! And, I had every intention of having my kids do some reading during the break so they won't forget what a book and words are and ya know what??? not 1 book read, but, they play Wii really well, does that count???? and, they know how to eat ALL DAY LONG, seriously, all day, we can't afford to feed them anymore so they need to go back to school where they only eat 1 time in 7 hours, oh the horror that will be on them, and while they are back at school what will I do????? I will do some organizing and get started on some of my goals for the year that I am really excited about and then I will wait for my babies to come back home to me and watch them eat everything in the house the minute they get home because they are soooo starving!!!! and then homework, and the routine begins...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010


I hope you are enjoying the new year so far, making plans for the new year, new goals, new ways to make what is wrong right, make things that aren't working work and feeling full of hope. Happy New Year my friends!