Monday, February 15, 2010

I am so tired this morning, I could lay on this very couch and go back to sleep. Why is Stacy so tired you may ask???? well, I went to bed at 10:45, not a big deal, back up an hour later due to husband snoring, crawled in bed with Hannah, and she coughs all night long, both kids were on breathing treatments yesterday and she was still struggling, so I listened to that all night, finally gave her some more cough syrup and offered her a breathing treatment to which she declined at around 4 am, but the coughing wasn't just bugging me I was worried about her, okay so the coughing stopped and I drift off, not into a slumber, but bad dreams that included me waking up realizing I had slept through my hair appt. at noon today which involves a much needed color and cut and sleeping through my kids school V. day parties, I was horrified, I had gone to bed thinking about what all the next day involved for me and obviously dreamed about it. Rough night!! sheesh, so, I need to get in the tub, it's a shaving day, and woohoo I don't have to wash my hair, that will be done for me this afternoon at the salon that I will definently not sleep through, my roots are begging for some attention!!!