Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011


We saw this wonderful movie yesterday and loved it too pieces.  Tomorrow is Hannah's 9th birthday, and we had not seen this movie yet and heard so many wonderful things about it and knew we needed to see it before it left theatres.  This year we decided that H would have a family only party, I just feel that not every birthday should be a friend party, and decided that we would do a friend party every other year, so, since her best friends are her cousins it works out just perfect.  So we decided to go see this movie as part of her gift and were going tomorrow but then found out it was leaving theatres today, I mean it has been out since Thanksgiving, so we went last night to the 4:50 showing, it was H, her cousins, my sis, mother and Cameron.  The kids were treated to movie snack packs and had so much fun, esp since we were the only ones in there, all to ourselves, C went to see Yogi Bear that was playing at the same time, so everyone had alot of fun, I really love Disney movies, they never disappoint.  Tomorrow we are having cake and gifts at our house and I have some really neat things up my sleeve, even H doesn't know what they are and I am super excited to set up for the birthday girl, can't believe my baby girl will be 9!!!!!! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Can I just tell you how much I love Scentsy, LOVE it, and no I am not being paid to advertise for them, I just had to express how happy these 2 new scents have made me,  they are perfect for winter weather, they are so cozy and make your house smell so yummy. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Morning fun}

You gotta love mornings that start something like this:    Hannah has just gotten up for breakfast, Cameron is already up and ready, H is slow in the morning, C is not, I don't remember exactly what started this conversation but it was something to the effect that C thinks H needs a cell phone, oh holy cow!! she is just turning 9 on Sat. no way Jose!!!  so then she ponders her unfortunatness and cries all over her cherrios, slobber and all, yum.  She tells me everyone in her 3rd grade class has one, I don't think everyone, but to her, anywho, I tell her no, too young, too $$, C got his on 12th birthday, even though he did have a pay as you go at his disposal in 5th grade, we'll see about that for H when that time comes.  She is bawling her eyes out, and I thank C for his great morning conversation starter,  he then calls her a baby, she keeps building her need for a phone, I say no, she pipes it up a notch, red eyes, horrors.  I then have to tell her in a not so kind voice to hush it up, this is ridiculous, truly ridiculous.  I finally tell her that maybe, just maybe I could put a regular phone in her room, she decides this might just work and stops crying, I can handle that.

Monday, January 24, 2011

{Valentine Pretties}

I just had to show off this darling garland my mom made,  I already had a V-Day display and then she told me she found some great ideas for garlands, and this is what she came up with, wow, I love it, if you look close you will see the white lights that she wove in there, pretty smart huh?? Now remember, I do not have a mantle, so this is hanging from my bar and above it in the corner is the next arrangement, you couldn't see it that good in 1 picture, so I thought it best to take 2 different pictures.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Having a good attitude, feeling hopeful and peace, ohhh the peace.  I need more peace in my life, and I don't mean from the pressures of life, I am talking about deep inside ME, my peace, it's my deal, no one else is responsible for,  and this is not all coming from my father's death, this is me, I think it's anxiety, I am full of it, really, I am.  Now I know that with my MS comes alot of "stuff", depression plays a role and I take something for that, but I think I need something else, and when I go to the doctor in the next 2 weeks I will discuss this with him, I want to make this better, I want to be a better me, I am in there.  Yes, I am going through a tough time with my father's death, and depression is def. there, it's normal at this point and I accept that, I did some research the other day and I do think I need to switch my meds to something different, like I said I want to be a better ME.  Life is short, things change, things happen, kids grow up... and I want to be able to roll with it and enjoy everything, don't get me wrong I am a glass half full kinda gal,  I just struggle at times, maybe more than normal.  I am beyond happy in my marriage, family life, my new job that allows me to stay at home, I am so thankful for my life, I just need a little help, I slip very easily and it's very hard on me, not to mention that with my MS I have all kinds of crap that goes with it, I just deal with it as I can,  and if I know I can make things better you bet I am going to try and do it, this is a wonderful life that I have been given.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Since we have no school today we had our cousins Madeline and Molly-Kate spend the night with us, and as you can see they have a ton of fun when they are together.  They wanted me to take some silly pictures of them, so I grabbed my camera and they did some serious posing, they are so silly, these girls.  They had their pillow pets, except MK forgot hers, so they wanted  to pose with them, so I just indulged them and did as they commanded, haha! 

They played Barbies most of the night, they are loving their Liv and Moxie dolls, they set up a really fun area in her closet and had a blast, my sister and I were the same way growing up, we loved our Barbies and had all the fun stuff to go with it and we are loving it that our girls are enjoying them too.  They had a snack, watched some tv and  giggled alot! and didn't do any fussing and fighing, (whew).  I broke out the waffle maker this morning and they enjoyed waffles for breakfast, when these gals are together everything is extra special for them.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Just checking in to say hello, not too much to report in our world, the snow is finally melting which leaves a big 'ol mess of mud, kids are out on Monday for MLK day, they only went 3 days last week, and now another day off, these kids need to be in school now, can I hear an amen??? anywho, I haven't been feeling too good this week, just feeling yucky, some is MS some is a viral infection, which leaves a messy house, piles of laundry, a grumpy momma,  mix all that with some grieving and I am just a mess, but, today is a much better day, went to the grocery store and now we are stocked up for awhile now, the house is slowly coming back together, things always work out, life just kinda starts fixing itself,  you start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel, enough light to feel some hope, renewal.  Just got to keep goin..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{New Look}

I am so proud of my new header and side widgets, thanks to, please go to her website, she is very talented! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

{Good Stuff}

This stuff has changed my life, it is so good, and I hear it will be year round now.  While browsing for a Christmasy creamer this one caught my eye but I worried it would be too minty, but I was wrong and it's just perfect, you should try some!!!  It's Friday and Cameron is having a buddy spend the night and Hannah is going to a slumber party and they are having a D-J and she is pumped, already asking if she can request a song, that girl, she needs some fun time, actually they both do and I am so happy they have such good friends.  We have some serious winter weather moving in starting Sunday and I for one can't wait, I love that kind of weather, so cozy!  I also want to thank you all for your sweet comments during this difficult time in my life, we are doing okay, we have such wonderful memories.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I really think that 2010 sucked eggs if you will, for one it took my daddy, he was sick on and off most of the year and that is enough to make it a not so good year for me.  I have been dwelling on the "negative" here these days and probably will for awhile, that is where I am in life right now, I just am, don't like it, don't want to be here, but I am and I accept it's part of grieving, it's painful, ohhh so painful, I miss him so much it hurts, it will be a week this evening that he passed away, wow the time has flown.  The kids started back to school this morning, to be honest I was ready, they were getting on my nerves, they didn't mean to, their struggling too, their break wasn't all fun and games like it should have been, (bless their hearts) it doesn't take much to irritate me though, I irrate me, ha! I have been looking forward to the peace and quiet of my house, even though I am working from home just knowing I am alone is going to be good for me, I enjoy being alone to be honest with you, not that I want to wallow in my own sadness, but I can if I want to huh?  I am learning to allow myself whatever feelings I want to have, no fighting them, holding back, being strong, what  a process this is, after I am through working I am meeting my mom and sister to start packing up my dad's apartment, everything is just so difficult, but we're doing it, we'll get there, all in time, all in time...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

(Christmas 2010}


I am in the process of a 2011 blog redo, keeping busy is good for me right now.