Monday, October 31, 2011

{A Halloween Hello & A Baby Shower}

Happy Halloween!!!!

My cute cousin Courtney is having a baby girl at the end of November and we haven't had a new baby in the family in awhile, so needless to say we are all very excited about the impending arrival of Miss Ainsley Elizabeth!!!

 She got so many wonderful things, she is all set...

 Me and Mommy to be!

 The girls with their yarn, we played a game where you cut your string to however round you think Courtney's belly is, my Hannah girl won, a sack with chocolate in it, perfect for that girl! They had so much fun that day...

 I just had to get a picture of this diaper cake, the girl who did it, did a great job!

Courtney and Mamaw, this will be her 10th great grandchild!!

Coutney and 2 of her good friends, Meagan is due just 6 days after Courtney, she is having a little boy!

After the shower we all helped load cars with her goodies and took it to her mom's house (my aunt), and we looked at the stuff she got from a shower from her mom's work the day before, so many wonderful things, this little girl is already so loved, we can't wait to see her!! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Fall Tour}

I realized I never showed you any pictures of "fall" around my house, I didn't edit any of these pictures so ignore the quality on some of them :) 

 Love my sparkly pumpkins...

 The whole fireplace, it's nice to have one again...

 My sparkly cat is the only new decoration I bought this year and I just love him...

 My mother "threw" this arrangement together and I just love it, she did such a good job! I have had this wooden pumpkin and we thought the arrangement would look good in it... this is my entry hall table, which I love because it involved some labor, ha!

 Wrought iron candle holder with some folliage...

 Mr tin pumpkin...

 Some pillows I made, they sit on my window sill...

 Arrangement in my kitchen, I really like this area, makes my kitchen feel cozy...

My burlap wreath, it looks really small on my front door, but it's cute :)

My Halloween area, I have had the decor for years, I got the BOO at the Target $ spot, I think it adds some super cuteness!!

So, that's the tour, I like how everything turned out,  I love fall, I especially love Halloween, it's so fun to celebrate!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

{Resale Love}

Consignment stores are my new thing here lately, I am finding the best deals on some really good stuff! I started with Goodwill back in the spring, I enjoy finding home decor and redoing it to my liking, I have bought a ton of things and they have all found a place throughout our home.  I moved on to clothes, there is alot of stuff and you really have to spend some time going through the racks, but they color coordinate so that makes it easier, they are not separated my size though.  The good thing is you won't find things with holes or tore up, everything is in good shape,  I got the best straw purse for summer, it looked brand new, you could tell it was never used,  and for around $5 I was set, and quite happy, I may have done a happy dance when I found it!! ha!  There is another store here in town called Graham Cracker and I went for the first time last Friday and it is the BEST, the kids clothing is wonderful, huge selection, I went back yesterday and got her some more things, she had outgrown her jeans so I have gotten her 4 pairs of name brand for $8 & under, church clothes, tshirts, sweater, and I got a Gap T for $5, LOVE!! she is loving her new duds!  Too bad they don't have alot for Cameron, he is so picky anyway I won't take the chance, that's okay, I get his Aeropostale shirts when they go on clearance for $5 and buy him several online, I only buy on sale. I do the same for Jim, he likes to shop at Kohls' for his stuff and mine, I get the best deals there, always have, the sales are awesome.  I also keep up with the 70% rack at Target, most of my stuff for fall this year was bought in May all for under $7, cute cute stuff, I am so glad the weather is cooling off so I can wear them, they have been teasing me all summer, haha!   I love getting a bargain! 

Every year I vow to perfect these but never do, don't they look scrumptious!!!  Happy Fall my friends!

Monday, October 17, 2011

{Race & Outback)

My mother and I did the Race for the Cure on Saturday morning, we had a good time walking and visiting, this was my first time to do it here in Texarkana, I did it for many years in Dallas, this one is a much smaller scale of people, but I kinda like it that way, you actually have room to move!  On Friday night we went to Outback for dinner, we had a gift cert. we needed to use, that is not normally a rest. we frequent, but hey some of it was free!  the food was not good, the service was good, no problems there, but Jim and Cameron ordered burgers and they were cold and kinds raw, my shrimp caesar salad was so small, I first ordered a seafood dish and had to send it back, and we had to pay quite a bit out of our pocket, I was miffed when we left, we don't eat out much and when we do I want to be satified when I leave, that was not the case.  I am going to write the corp. office and let them know of this situation, I know they will send us a coupon or whatever, no thanks, we won't be back! ha! The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, I just love being with my little family and soaking them all in!

Friday, October 14, 2011

[Mmm Good]

This just entered into my life today, my fall house is complete!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

{I Love My Bible Study}

I have been participating in a women's bible study on Wed. nights at church, it's called "The Spirit-Filled Life" a lady in our church wrote this study and IT.IS.PHENOMENAL. I am loving it!  I really enjoy bible studies and have done them for years, this one is so real and easy, relates to life so well, not too deep, just right.   One of the evidences of the SPL is PEACE, God is the source of PEACE, we all have peace within us, we just need to pray for God to show it to us.  FORGIVENESS, the priority of FORGIVENESS, it is a choice, not a feeling. CONFRONTATION.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to "speak truth in love" regarding the offense.  Peace if possible, truth at all cost.  Did you know that you cannot expect Godly behavior from an unbeliever?  it's so true... None of us like confrontation, at least I don't,  if we name the offense to the one who is hurt and ask forgiveness and the other does not forgive, it is not our responsibilty any more, we have a clear conscience, blessed are the pure in heart.  Matthew 5:8 Put off the old, put on the new.

I am lucky to go to a church that I just love so much, at the end of our study we gather with our small group and have discussions about the lesson, and we pray together, we pray for each other, I love that, I had an issue that was bothering me, I shared it with them, we held hands and prayed for me, I was so moved and felt so cared for, those are some special ladies...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

{Monday Stuff}

Who says Mondays are always tough, I have had a good day, very productive, lots of organizing in Hannah's room, that girl cannot keep her room clean, so I gave her a kick start and now she has to keep it that way, (a mom can dream, right) I did lots o' laundry, I checked several things off my weekly to do list, and I love that task, lists rule!! I cannot function without my list!!

I am feeling so fall like, my house is all decorated (pics soon), I just love our home decorated for fall, so cozy, homey, now all I need is to get my Scentsy bars, the flavors I ordered are going to be so yummy, I should get them tomorrow or Wed. then my fall home will be all complete.  The anticipation of the holidays just thrills me this time of year, love the feeling.

I made sweet and sour meatballs in the crockpot for dinner and served them over rice, they were a winner!

I really like this purse, I saw it at Payless last week and it has stuck with me, the color is Raisin, popular for fall, I always get a new fall purse for my birthday and I am considering this one, I have a few others in mind also...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

{October Is Here!!!}

Welcome OCTOBER, you are the best you hold so many wonderful things