Monday, April 16, 2012

{My Crazies}

Wanted to show you a couple of pictures of my kids on Easter of them acting crazy!! The REAL Cameron and Hannah!!!!

Love 'em to pieces!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

{Easter 2012}

What has been going down in our hood since I posted a week ago today???

Good Friday kids out of school, I had been feeling kinda bad for awhile and my throat was really hurting, so I call the doctor and get in to see him that morning, I just can't be sick for Easter weekend, so I go, I have an infection, get the wonderful Z-Pack to make me better, yeah!!  After all that was done we headed to my mother's house to dye eggs with some friends and family, we had a really good time!  Then took Hannah to get her hair cut and headed home...

Saturday was spent at home working in the yard and cleaning house, Jim was working so it was me and the kids, we fixed a fantastic sweet and sour chicken and fried rice for dinner, and just hung out.

Easter Sunday, everyone got all prettied up and we went to church, then our family came over for a great lunch, kids hunted eggs, we all had fun just hanging out!

Kids were out on Monday also, whew, I am wore out by now... my sisters girls stayed here with us and they literally lived on the trampoline all day long!!!

Then it has been back to normal routine this week, I like the normal routine, I feel more organized, ha!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Pre-Easter Hello}

I am so excited about Easter this year, the weather is going to be nice and springy, makes for better egg hunting!  We are having some family here for Easter lunch,  I am so looking forward to it, in fact I am fixing to put together a quick centerpiece for the dining room table, something small and simple that won't get in the way while we eat.  I finished the last of our Easter outfit shopping today, which were Miss Hannah's shoes, she is very proud of them as they are a little more grown up than usual, she tried the dress on with them when we got home and they are perfect!  I have always loved new Easter outfits, it's tradition, and all the "bunny" goodies are bought, I got the stuff we are making for lunch, as I am not going to battle the grocery store crowds this weekend. 

So, we now have time tomorrow and Saturday to just have fun, tomorrow we are going to mom's house to dye eggs with cousins, decorate some cupcakes and watch a movie.  And after that the kids have an appt. to get their hair cut, I always love the way they look with a fresh new look!  If I don't post again have a Happy Easter Peeps!!! ha, no pun intended!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{My Little Rednecks}

Last weekend Cameron was at his best friends house and he called to see if I would come a little early to pick him up so he could take his sister riding and doing a little mudding, she was of course thrilled about this, she loves an adventure! I just had to get some pictures of them looking so darling, they weren't thrilled at first, but endured it!

O come on Hannah, give me a good smile! ha!

And, their off, my sweet kids, I am so thankful for Cameron's sweet nature and wanting to show his sister all around their land, they had a great time!