Thursday, February 25, 2010

{Happy Finds}

Took another trip to Goodwill yesterday, even though some of the stuff I got last trip still hasn't been "repurposed" due to weather that will not allow me to spraypaint!!! anywho, I had the itch to go and see what was there, it's a very small Goodwill, unlike the ones back in Dallas, but I got a few things and I am pretty excited about them...
A few baskets, the lovely blue one is going to make Hannah a very nice Easter basket, I plan to paint it and embellish it with some "pretties" it's long, so should be plenty of room for lots of Easter eggs, and the smaller one is Cameron's, he has said he won't be hunting eggs this year and I knew this day would come, after all what 12 year old boy hunts eggs???? well, I bet he'll cave and sneak a few! haha! and the large one will hold an arrangement, so the good thing is I have plans for each one and they will not just lay around.

Now, for the really, really good stuff!!!!!! I am so lovin my dessert glasses, I was so in love when I saw them on the shelf at .50 a piece, be still my heart! so I got 4 and served my family up some gorgeous ice cream sundaes last night for a snack and they were perty pleased. Also, I got this tart dish, I have never had one and always wanted one but never really set out to get one, but when it's "Oneida" brand and is 1.50, that's a different story, I had to have it, so needless to say I was scouring my cookbooks last night for some tart recipes {squeal with delight}