Monday, June 2, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Sex and the City!! what a good movie it was! I went Saturday with some girlfriends and then went and had some dinner afterwards, what a fun Sat. evening with the ladies! that was really the hi-lite of my weekend, yesterday I was very tired all day, so I took a nap, and we just layed around ALL day like a bunch of bums! Jim fixed some shrimp fettucine alfredo and some french bread for dinner last night and it was very good, and I fixed an apple cobbler for dessert and it was good too :) I did bake some choc. chip blondies on Sat. afternoon, and the new crockpot recipe I was fixing on Fri. was not a winner, you sprinkle stove top stuffing on top of the chicken and cheese and the stuffing was just a goopy mess, so we just didn't eat that, the chicken was tasty though, so that recipe will not go in my book! The kids last day of school is Wed. so they are not really doing alot these next few days, I can't believe it's June already, like I said the other post time is flying by, too fast for me, sometimes it makes me sad when I think of my kids getting older, I want to freeze time, but all in all I have a great life, nothing to complain about, a great family, and when I do start to obsess about things I just think about how happy my kids are and how much they love life, and that tells me that Jim and I are being the best parents we can be. I am not a mushy person, but I think it's the end of a school year and I just get this way. Oh well, anyway, it's going to be another hot day, as usual, I am knee deep in laundry but, I am working on it, Hannah has gym. tonight, I need to go to the gym after that and that's about it for now, have a good Monday!