Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad back & Gladiators

Ohhh, my aching back... I haven't had a lower back ache in a long time and I woke up hurting! I have a history of back problems, but I don't struggle with it like I used to, until today, so I have been taking some Advil and laying on heating pad when the kiddos were sleeping. Having stormy weather today, I enjoy it though, very cozy, it's a break from the hot sun beating in! My daughter has been telling me today that she wants to be an American Gladiator when she's 19, lucky #19 (go figure) she loves to watch it with her dad and bro. I don't participate, haha! she knows all their names and says a guy named "Wolf" is her favorite! I was going to the gym tonight, but not now, gotta get the back better! I am fixing some tilapia for dinner tonight, we like it with some fresh lemon and salt/pepper wrapped in foil, I'll probably cook it in the oven tonight since it's rainy, and baked potatoes, and a veggie. I think I'll start a new book tonight while laying on the heating pad, okay so that's my evening all planned out, what are you guys up to??? tell me, leave me a comment!!!!!!


Tarisa said...

Natalie has our evening all mapped out: pizza for dinner and then we'll play toy store. She said that Asa cannot come to the toy store because he "jacks everything up". She told me to be sure to bring my debit card because she just got a lot of new toys in.

Sorry to hear your back is hurting. Isn't that just the worst? Hope it heals quickly.