Friday, June 27, 2008

Hi Friends

Is everyone has hot as we are here?? 100 degrees to be exact! my ferns are getting very dry and I am having to water them more than normal, they are thirsty! we are getting new carpet tomorrow in the bedrooms and I am waaay excited, it's way overdue! so, when the kiddos go home today we will start moving things out of the closets and the breakables, the installers will take care of the furniture tomorrow, they will be here between 10-12 and I want to be done with it tonight so we don't have a ton to do tomorrow. We are getting our house ready to put on the market, we have outgrown this home and it's time to upgrade, but..... we have alot of prep. work to do before then and the carpet is the biggest thing so we're getting close, yeah! Other than the carpet we don't have alot planned this weekend, after the carpet is in we then have to put things back and and all that good stuff, so we'll just piddle around here, and I plan to make a few cards, I bought some really fun stuff at Michael's last night and I am ready to dig in to it! Have a good weekend! S