Friday, May 30, 2008

feelin like bakin!

I am going to do some baking this weekend, with gas being so high I feel I need to stay off the road as much as possible! not alot planned this weekend, Jim has to work tomorrow, so I figure the kids will be swimming quite a bit and I'll just hang in the kitchen makin some goodies! everyone will be happy :) I am going to make an apple cobbler, cookies (not sure what kind), or maybe some choc. chip blondies, and tonight for dinner we are going to have a new chicken crockpot recipe I got, so I'll have to pass it on if we like it and I'm sure we will! It is already so hot around here and I am not enjoying it so far, better get used to it, we have a long hot summer ahead of us, and with my MS that makes it double the trouble! yuck.

Miss Hannah Grace wore a school t-shirt today for her friends to sign, Cameron and I started it off for her and I'm sure her friends and teachers will enjoy signing it too! Wed. is the last day of school, it has gone by really fast, I can't believe H is done with Kindergarten, seems like we were just planning for it, and C will be in 5th, wow, time needs to sloooooow down. Anyway, guess I better go, have a great weekend!