Monday, June 30, 2008

love that new carpet smell...

our new carpet looks great, we spent most of the weekend doing that, and cleaning out the garage, it was a very productive weekend, love those, so exhilirating! Yesterday we went bowling, Cameron went with a friend down the street and after he left Jim said that sounded like fun, so we jumped in the car and surprised them, Cameron was like what are yall doing here??? we got a lane right beside them and had a blast! I cooked a roast in the crock pot and I made a green bean casserole for lunch yesterday, it was such a good meal. Not much on the to do list this week, so far... it's a short week so that's a good deal, we're trying to get some plans for the 4th, and I am going to make Hannah a shirt, I love the 4th of July! and I am working on a menu for whatever we do, well, I need to go, the kiddos are being naughty!!!