Friday, June 6, 2008

Good deals Friday!

We took a trip to the mall this morning, I only have 1 of my daycare kids today so it's easier to go out and do stuff like that, he is like my 3rd kid! anyway, Cameron got some new Converse shoes he has been wanting, he loves them! Disney Store is going out of business and we are BUMMED we love that store, so they are down to the bare minimum and we got some good deals, Hannah got a really cute metal 101 Dalmation lunch box for next year, and then JCP was having a good sale so I got Cameron 3 new t-shirts for $3.97 each, what a steal!!! and Hannah got new shirt/shorts. Then we went to McD's for lunch, they ate and played, had a good time and then since we've been home I put the little one down for his nap and we have just been watching some tv and relaxing. I am going to the gym a little later, gotta get a workout in! anyway, that's about it for now I am parched, I need a glass of peach tea, wanna join me? wish you could my friends, have a good weekend!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Stac, love your blogs. Always interesting. Love ya lots. T