Wednesday, June 25, 2008


let's see, well, first of all my dad had a heart cath. yesterday morning so I was on the phone with my family alot getting info. about that and planning what to do next, so it was a stressful day and I just didn't feel like chatting and I feel alot better this morning and I have total faith in God that we will get his heart issues worked out and do what's best for him. As I said yesterday we went to Austin this weekend to see my brother and his family and we had a really good time, we always have a good time with them, lots of laughing and eating, my sister in law Tarisa is an excellent cook and a great hostess, so we get spoiled on her food!! and of course my sweet niece and nephew Natalie and Asa, they are such adorable children and I don't see them enough but when I do I just love on them!! Cameron is going to the waterpark with a friend this morning and Hannah is going to a movie with her friend, so everyone has an outing today!! they are always so patient being at home with me keeping kids that they enjoy getting out every now and then! and then Hannah has gym. this evening, her fav thing to do!! hehe!! Okay, I ran to Walgreens on Monday evening to get a few things, well, I saw a lady buying groceries!! her cart was piled high, she had eggs, sausage, tons of canned goods... I have never seen anyone actually grocery shop at Walgreens, her son had to carry the paper towels, tp, and all that because it wouldn't fit and those buggies are small! I truly wanted to go up and ask WHY??? maybe I need to get a life but I was truly floored, and so was Jim when I told him. Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures... have a good day and I am going to do the same!! SAll the cousins!

Aunt Stacy with Natalie & Asa!


Tarisa said...

So glad that you guys came. We always enjoy ourselves when you all are here.
Natalie asked me to tell Hannah that she misses her and that she left her butterfly net at our house.