Monday, June 9, 2008

Movie Love...

went to see this movie yesterday... what a cute movie it was! we all loved it, we went to a new theatre and it was so nice, you should have seen us we were sitting there shoving popcorn in our mouths, sipping sodas, having a grand 'ol time!!! I love watching movies with my kids, it's so neat to see things through their eyes, they love it when Jim and I laugh at the silly things they like in the movies, like they show close-ups of the Pandas big booty alot and to them this is some seriously hilarious stuff! Anway, it looks like it may rain today, which would be fine with me, we need to cool things down a bit, I have book club tonight so I am looking forward to that, well, my kiddos are starting to get here so I better get to work, have a great day!