Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guitar Hero

Last night I walked in the house from the gym and here is what was going on ...
everyone was rockin out!! Cameron's friend down the street brought her guitar hero over and Cameron plays it at her house and wanted to show us his skills, and so Hannah gave it a try! I missed Jim's solo, they were all playing "Slow Ride" so their like "come on mom you try" so I did and when you mess up alot the crowd boos you and of course I got booed, it was pretty funny!
So, Cameron wants one of course, and he has been talking about it lately because the friend he spent the night with on Sunday also has one, we told him Christmas he could ask for one and he said he didn't want to wait that long, unless he can save $80-90 he'll wait for Christmas! we don't buy things like that for our kids except on birthdays and Christmas.

I am drinking coffee, of course, something I do everyday, without fail! and I am out of creamer so I am having to use plain ol milk, that's not very fun, so looks like I need to add that to my list. My kids are starting to get here, so I need to run, have a good one! S

P.S. This is a shout out to my sister Terri, her 3 kiddos have been passing a virus around for the past few weeks and her youngest John (2) now is running fever, so hope today is better for you!