Thursday, June 24, 2010

{VBS, Hot & Cameron}

We've been having VBS at our church this week, I teach the pre-k and they are kicking my tail, all 17 of 'em! But we are having a fun week, my kiddos are enjoying themselves also, tomorrow is our last day and I think we're ready for our lazy summer routine to begin again, you know sleeping Hannah does not wake up very good at all, Cameron does fine though, I wanted to post this cute picture of him I took a couple of weeks ago, he decided to take an old truck apart and re-do it, and he is painting it here, I think he looks cute in his jammies all settled in to paint, he would so kill me if he knew I was talking like this about him "I am not a baby mom" haha!
It's hot here, I mean reeeealy hot, I know I talk about the heat alot but I can't seem to get away from it, even the house doesn't cool like we want it to, or the cars. It finally took me down yesterday, I felt bad the minute I hit the floor and suffered all day, aches, pains, my multiple sclerosis is a pain in the butt sometimes and yesterday was one of them, after we got home from VBS I just layed around all day, took my pain pills, and took it easy, I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open. But today has been much better, I knew it would, I prayed it would anyway. I am making fish tacos for dinner tonight, I think they will be really good, I hope they are, I am using tilapia so we'll see, I hope it's a keeper...


Crystal Roberts said...

Oh, man, so sorry you were not feeling well! Sounds like the heat and your busy schedul really tired you out.
YOur little guys looks really cute!
Get some rest and I hope you feel better!

Loren said...

I just found your blog and we have so many things in common!

Hope you are feeling better and enjoyed VBS! It is hot here in OK too! I LOVE fish tacos and Tilapia is my favorite. I bet they were fantastic!

Have a blessed weekend!

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