Friday, June 11, 2010

{Planning as I go}

This is a stay at home day and do nothing, well, nothing meaning cleaning rooms for the kiddos and their bathroom, chores they do not enjoy and will, without a doubt, complain about, bless their messy little hearts. Anyway, as the summer is getting started I really wanted to organize things for my kids to do, but not too overly organized to the point of driving them crazy, but I like to organize, plan, do charts. I want Hannah to do a summer reading program here at home, she is to pick out some books in her room and plan to read them all during the summer, she pouted, said "summer isn't about doing school stuff" and I realize the older my kids get these little ideas I get aren't that great to them anymore, oh the horror for me. Now Cameron is 12 and a boy so he isn't going to want to do some of the things Hannah will do and I'm cool with that, anywho, I have thought about some of the things that we are going to do and it's the "presentation" that I need to change I can't sit an 8 & 12 year old down and say "okay guys we are going to choose a book and put on quiet music and read quietly to ourselves" those days just aren't here anymore (wah, wah) so I have to slyly throw the ideas out there and just go with it, okay, for instance, on Tues. I had plans for homemade Kool-aid play doh, H and I did it, she still loves play doh (yeah) and we do make it quite often, so we're good there she went to town with playing restaraunt. I found a cool way to make slushies using rock salt, and we're going to do that this weekend, they both will love that, without a doubt! they of course are always ready to swim, and C has been going to a gym/rec room with some friends and swimming, playing basketball, all those fun things, so he likes that and he does like to help me cook when he's in the mood! haha! and he most certainly loves to eat everything I cook!!

I am planning as I go, and that's okay, as far as the reading for Hannah I am still trying to work on that, she does like to read but obviously doesn't like feeling the pressure to do it. Our neighbors are going on vacation and they have ask Cameron to take care of their dog, so he went over and got instructions, the key, and all that, what a good boy, they know he will take care of their doggy, and he is excited about making some money!!! good for him. I always want my kids to want to help others, kids are so about themselves these days and I want mine to look out for others and not be so self consumed? if that's a word. Cameron got a cell phone for his birthday in March and he of course loves it with all his being, and can text with the best of them, and the music ring tones can really be annoying after awhile and when we feel he needs to hang it up in the evening we tell him to put it on the bar and take a break, he is getting better, we don't want it taking over, so we have the control and he knows it, so that's good. I ask them the other day what games they would want to play and they threw some ideas at me and it sounded great, so it looks like a family game night is on the menu for the weekend and I can't wait!!!!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy , sounds like you are full swing into summer. By the way I just figured out how to join your blog! So I am officially a follower of your blog now!! Love your post!