Monday, June 21, 2010

{Father's Day}

We had a fun Father's Day yesterday, and a busy one. This is me and my sister with our wonderful dad, we were laughing so hard during this picture, I look like a goof ball with my crazy smile and shiny face, I had been sweating and we were joking that my armpits were touching my dad's arm, we're a crazy bunch, but... we have a blast together and I love them sooo much!!

We started the day at church, then my dad came over for lunch and I fixed beef tips with rice and wedge salad and it was so good, then around 3 everyone else came over and we had desserts, I made a german choc. cake and my sister made a banana pudding, the daddies opened gifts and all. Then we had our VBS parade, so Jim went and got his trailer and met us at the church and we decorated it, and paraded through the Village, then came back and had a BBQ dinner at the church, a day of great food it was!!! This morning we started VBS and I am teaching Pre-K with my sister, then we came home had lunch and went swimming in a pool that was soo warm there was nothing refreshing about it, this heat is killing me, I truly put my face in the freezer every now and then, seriously!! I do not enjoy this weather at all, I know so many of you love summer, but when it's this hot I just can't hang. Anywho, I am tired about now and am going to relax the rest of the evening, and get ready for another fun day at bible school in the morning!!!

This is a snack gift basket that I made my step dad, he loves his snacks, and I had fun putting it together, I had to show it off, I thing it's cute!!! :)


Crystal Roberts said...

The smiles are priceless and you look great. So glad you had a great day!