Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{Goings on]

This seems to be the new thing for Hannah this week, one of her little friends turned her on to it and she loves it! little did I know that unlike Webkinz, which is free, this doesn't give you as many perks, you can't do a room, buy things, sooooo, I caved and signed her up for a membership which is only 5.95 a month, when she gets to hot playing outside this offers some fun time for her!
Mr. Cameron got a new pellet gun yesterday, the money he made watching the neighbors dog provided him this gun, so he is happy, I am not nervous because his daddy teaches him the correct way to handle it, Jim is really good about these things.
We got our Father's Day shopping done today, I refuse to shop the Sat. before, what a hassle, and you know I don't like all that rushing around in this heat, so that is done and we are happy with our choices, we should have some happy daddies!!! Tonight the kids have chosen to go to On the Border for dinner, we don't eat out much at all, but when we do they get so excited, and I have a coupon for free queso, so that's an extra bonus!!! Happy Wednesday!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, I will show this to my daughter, for her Hannah! Looks like something she would like. Glad you had a good day! Thanks for sharing.