Friday, June 18, 2010

I took Cameron and his buddy to the sportsplex at noon to hang out, Hannah and I set out to run some errands, we made a run through Sonic, a cherry limeade for me and a Reeses's blast for her, yeah that was her lunch, she had a late breakfast, don't judge me!! haha

So we went to Wal-Mart and got a few things for our Father's Day fest, and as we're pulling out of the parking lot she started planning her Halloween costume for this year, yeah, we're dripping with sweat, anywho, she informs me that I "never let her be anything scary" I mean she's really ticked about it, where did this come from??? so, she wants to be a vampire girl, that looks dead, she wants a white face with 2 drops of blood dripping from the corners of her mouth, seriously she made me look in the rear view mirror so she could deomonstrate, so I did and agreed we could do something like that, and she was happy. You never know where her mind is, always 10 steps ahead of me.

Next we go to Albertsons for some really good deals and she cops an attitude with me throughout the store because she wanted a bunch of stuff on the water toy aisle, I told her we don't buy that kinda stuff here, we do the Dollar Store, didn't set well, then she finds a rope of gummy candy and as I rejected her request she sat on a display and refused to move, as she did at the meat area also, nothing like pouting by the ground beef. She eventually straightened up and was just fine.

Then as I am sitting at the bank Cameron calls and says they are ready to be picked up, huh??? but you haven't been there that long, "we're bored" Oh lordy, really, bored already, ungrateful little punks, so I go get them and then they rode bikes and his friends mom just picked him up and Cameron is playing somewhere else, whew, I am TIRED just talking about it!!!


Crystal Roberts said...

Sounds like it's been one of those days : ) Can't help it but your post made me smile.