Tuesday, June 15, 2010


*it's a lay around day for me
*i am doing things, but am not leaving the house
because if i did i would have to take my night pants off and get dressed
and i don't want to do that, no mam
*i am working on a craft
*i made some veggie soup
*thinking about making some blueberry snack cake
*it's also loud with the sound of video games
that's okay i love my kiddos, and with all the drama lately i am glad they are here with me
*i called jim and told him i wasn't cooking dinner and he said "that's fine, i had subwway at lunch and am still full, plus i have to work late" whew, that was easy
*i heart these days...


Nana's Nuggets said...

Oh! yeah, sounds like a good summer day to me! It sounds like you got your schedule in perfect order for today!! Love it!:)

Crystal Roberts said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me. Sometimes we all need days like that. Soak it in like a sponge!

Lissa said...

sounds like a lovely, relaxing day