Thursday, May 1, 2008


I can't believe it's already May, where has time gone??? not too much going on here this week just doing the normal thing, glad it's almost the weekend though. As I look at the calendar May is a busy month for us already, the kids have their end of school field trips, as well as other school functions, birthday parties, Cameron has a science fair project to work on, Memorial day... the list goes on. And I forgot to tell you that I joined a book club we will meet on the 2nd Monday of each month, now that is right up my alley eh!!!! I haven't been in a bunco group in almost 2 years and I miss having a once a month gathering with the ladies. Next week is teacher appreciation week and since I have had the "craft bug" lately I am going to make some neat things and I will post them so you can see them, I am very excited I am thinking of going to Hobby Lobby tonight to pick up some goodies for my projects, can't wait!!! I really need to have my hiney at the gym and in fact I may do some time on the treadmill and then run to HL, yeah that's what I'll do, that is if Jim doesn't have to work late then he will really be raining on my parade and that will make for an unhappy gal :) Well, I guess that's about it, I am thinking of making some choc. chip cookies when the kiddos go down for their nap, that will make my little family real happy!!

Happy May Day!!


Mom said...

Hi, baby, enjoyed your blog info...I am so glad that movie night was a success...Have I acquired a new granddaughter or is she a friend? Good luck on your gifts for Cameron and Hannah's teachers...Can't wait to see them on your blog...Love Mom