Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crazy weather

we have been waiting on the thunderstorms that are supposed to be blowing in here, and then the sun comes out, then it rains a bit, who knows what it will do. I did alot yesterday, I finished my cans for the kids teachers, baked a few loaves of banana bread, started on my mother in-laws card, and last night for dinner I made the best salisbury steak I have ever made, I did things a little different and it was good, I make my own gravy, the kids even liked it and they are picky eaters, such good comfort food :) I will share my recipe soon, I am working on a recipe section for my blog so I can share some with you all!! Anywho, I am also trying my hand at rubber stamping so I can add to my cards that I am now addicted to making!! I am having the best time with it, and I have many other craft ideas that I am anxious to persue. Well, I think the kiddos should be waking up from their naps so my time is ending!!