Monday, May 5, 2008

What a busy week

I have this week, my to do list is looong!! But that's okay, it means I have a very fulfilled life huh?? :) had a good weekend, worked on my card challenge and it was sooo fun, I haven't done one before but I am hooked now, I've got my mojo going again, I told you I was feelin crafty awhile back! I also have somemore of the cans to do for the kids teachers for this week, and make my butter mints to put in the cans, and bake a few loaves of banana bread... as I said the list goes on.

We had alot of fun with my bro/sis inlaw on Friday night, on Saturday night chef Jim, grilled some chicken and made stuffed jalapenos and they were so yummy not too hot! he stuffed them with chive/onion cream cheese and wrapped them in bacon all we had was turkey bacon but reg. bacon would have been better because the grease makes them more tender, but they were still awesome. And then for dessert... I made bananas foster, that is my fav dessert ever, and so easy, you just slice some bananas long ways, melt butter, brown sugar, and rum extract in a skillet add bananas and toss around for a few min. and pour over some van. ice cream and that's it!! and then yesterday we cooked roast/pot/carrots in the crockpot and it was delish, so as you can tell we ate good this weekend! well, I guess that should be it for now I need to get on with my day!!! have a good Monday.