Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a few things we've been up to lately, had a good weekend, on Saturday I did some running around by "myself" kind of a pre-mothers day gift, it was nice to just take my time and enjoy myself, I went to Michael's to get some goodies for card making, and I browsed the aisles very slowly matching up papers with embellishements and ribbons... and then Jim cooked another great Saturday night meal for us, I tell ya, he's good and I adore him so much! Mother's day was such a sweet day, went to church, and then we went to my mil for lunch and had a really good time hanging with our family and of course eating, we always have a grand spread!

I had my first book club meeting last night and it was great, we had 8 ladies and I knew 2 of them and it's always nice to meet new friends and what a good group we have everyone was so nice and had different views on the book and I like to hear different opinions, I am really going to like this, and reading books I wouldn't normally pick out myself, and as most of you know reading is a very big part of my life and I feel so excited to be in this group.

I am really suffering with allergies the last 2 days, sneezing and stopped up, it's really getting on my nerves, Cameron is doing the same thing, so we're taking some meds to clear us up! tomorrow I go on Hannah's field trip to the zoo and I am so excited, I love the zoo and she is very excited that mommy is going! I will leave you with a picture of me and my kids on mother's day!
These 2 precious children are the reason I get to
celebrate Mother's Day, and my love for them is
more than I could ever imagine.