Friday, May 23, 2008

Random tidbits

Cameron had field day yesterday and he came in 1st place on hurdles and 3rd place for balloon launch, so yeah Cameron! I loaded my 3 little ones in the wagon and pulled them to the high school football field which is just up the street from us and we watched Cameron for about 45 min. and I got a few pics of him in action! I am really ready for a 3 day weekend, we don't really have anything big planned just whatever comes up, Hannah's zoo trip was cancelled again last week because of rain so we're going on Tues. so I won't have the kiddies until Wed. and believe me I need the break :)
I am having the farmers market fever, it hit me last night as I was laying in bed that I want to go, I love going and buying fresh fruits & veggies, Iused to go to one in our area years ago but is shut down so I need to find another one, even if it's a small fruit stand that would work, (even a stand on the side of the road!! haha!!) well, I guess that's it for now nothing else that I can think of hmmm.....??? I'll leave you with a couple of pics of my little athlete!